Faculty & Staff

Dean’s Office

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Office of Academic and Student Services

  • Erin Straine, Director of Academic and Student Services
  • Nicholas Slabyj, Administrative Specialist CL2

Advising Center and Support Services

Intensive English Institute

Maine’s Alternative Certification and Mentoring Program

Penobscot River Educational Partnership


  • Jared Beal, Unit Administrator/Graduate Assistant

School of Educational Leadership, Higher Education and Human Development

Child Development and Family Relations

  • Margo Brown, Coordinator Child Development Learning Center
  • Ian Cameron, Lecturer in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Sandra Caron, Professor of Family Relations & Human Sexuality
  • Patrick Cheek, Visiting Assistant Professor in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Julie DellaMattera, Associate Professor of Child Development and Family Relations
  • Renate Klein, Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies
  • Mary Ellin Logue, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • Sid Mitchell, Associate Professor

Educational Leadership

Higher Education

School of Kinesiology, Physical Education and Athletic Training

Athletic Training

Kinesiology and Physical Education

School of Learning and Teaching

Counselor Education

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction


Reading Recovery and Comprehensive Literacy

Special Education

STEM Education Research

Research Methodology

  • Ted Coladarci, Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Office of Institutional Research
  • Janet Fairman, Associate Professor
  • Craig Mason, Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods
  • Shihfen Tu, Associate Professor of Applied Quantitative Methods