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Maine’s Alternative Certification Mentoring Program is a partnership between the Maine Department of Education Office of Special Services and the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development.

MACM offers intensive, structured mentoring and coursework for new conditionally certified special educators to work toward professional certification.

The goal is to provide new special educators with experienced mentor teachers to provide modeling and coaching, as well as access to resources and promising practices.

New Conditionally certified special educators receive mentoring from an experienced special educator and take MACM Special Education Mentorship, an online graduate course designed to meet the needs of new special educators. This seminar course counts toward credits needed for professional certification. MACM participants will review 3-5 short professional development activities with their mentors during their mentorship year.

MACM partners with local school districts to provide a special education-specific mentoring option to support the district’s existing teacher support system.

For More Information, please contact:

Valerie M. Smith, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Maine’s Alternative Certification Mentoring Program


MACM Special Educator Mentor Training Update:
There are now TWO options for SED Mentor Training
  1. For Novice SED Mentors (who have not had mentor training in the past): The Special Educator Mentor Training is open to all who wish to be trained. There are three online modules and one daylong live module. 
  2. For Experienced SED Mentors: The SED Mentor Refresher Course is now open! This consists of four online modules.
Those who complete either training will earn 20 Contact Hours. For more information, contact:
MACM Mentor Handbook and Handbook Appendix are now available on the Mentors page of this website. The handbook includes many mentor tools and can be adapted for use in your SAU.

New Resources!

The updated MACM brochure is now available for download:


New Resource for Teachers! Check out the link to the Beyond the Handbook website on the Resources page for tips and tricks for first year teachers that you might not find in your staff handbook or during orientation.