Hall Closing at End of Spring Semester

All residence halls will close at 5pm on Friday, May 10.

Students who will attend the first session of Summer University (beginning May 13) may stay in their rooms until Saturday, May 11 when they will move to summer housing in Kennebec Hall. Information on check-out/check-in will be sent to Summer University students with their room confirmation. 


The Fall 2019 housing application for accepted incoming students and off-campus students returning to on-campus housing is now available.

Current residents who did not participate in Room Signup may apply for housing and be assigned by the Housing Office. 


Due to the large volume of calls to our office at this time of year, please send an e-mail to um.housing@maine.edu with your question or concern. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. THANK YOU!

Campus Cable Information

Information on the Campus’s new cable provider can be found on the Campus Cable website: https://umaine.edu/campuscable/

Room Cancellation Fees – Fall 2019

Once a current student is assigned for the 2019-2020 academic year, the room cancellation fee will apply. Students who cancel r room and board for the fall semester prior to June 1 will be charged a room cancellation fee of $250.00. As of June 1 until the halls open on August 30, the room cancellation fee is $375.00. Students who cancel the Room and Board license after the residence halls open and remain enrolled at UMaine for the spring semester will be charged for room and board at the per diem rate plus a room cancellation fee of $500.00. Board cancellation fees will also apply. 

Undergraduate Room and Board License – 2019-2020


If you wish to have a microwave/fridge combo in your residence hall room, please contact www.collegeproducts.com/umaine for rental or purchase. If you have a MicroChill Combo through College Products and are changing rooms, please contact College Products at 712-226-3250.

Students are permitted to have one MicroChill Combo or one dorm-size refrigerator per room. Separate microwaves are NOT permitted in student rooms. There are microwaves in the first floor lounge of each residence hall.

Getting Your Mail & Packages
Please click here for the UMaine Printing & Mailing Services website for instructions on forwarding your mail properly so that you don’t miss anything important.

To stay current with the latest information and updates from Housing Services we encourage you to bookmark this Web site. The Office of Housing Services also suggests that you review as many web sites as possible on the A-to-Z Directory of the University of Maine website, including the following:

General Housing Information

The University of Maine provides on-campus housing in 18 residence halls. Options include traditional undergraduate residence halls for first year and upperclass residents, suite style living for upperclass residents, graduate housing, and several living/learning lifestyle options. All halls remain open for Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break. 

For Fall 2019-Spring 2020:
The First Year Experience (FYE) program is for first year students assigned to the following halls:

  • Androscoggin
  • Cumberland
  • Gannett
  • Hancock – Ground Floor; Education majors 1st floor – mix
  • Kennebec (Outdoor Adventure 3rd & 4th floors – mix) – Open for all breaks during the academic year
  • Knox – Open for all breaks during the academic year
  • Somerset
  • Balentine (Honors – upperclass and first-year)
  • Colvin (Honors – upperclass and first-year)
  • Penobscot (Honors – upperclass and first-year)
  • York –  1st & 2nd floors –  open for all breaks

Traditional housing halls for upperclass students

  • Aroostook – sophomores
  • Estabrooke – Juniors and Seniors
  • Kennebec – sophomores – 3rd/4th floor Outdoor Adventure (mix) – Open for all breaks during the academic year
  • Hancock – 2nd and 3rd floors; Education major mix on 1/2 of first floor
  • Hart – sophomores
  • DTAV (suite-style) – Juniors and Seniors (Baumann-Nelson/Chandler – eligible sophomores) – Open for all breaks during the academic year
  • Patch (suite-style) – Juniors and Seniors – Open for all breaks during the academic year
  • Oak (all singles) – Juniors and Seniors
  • Stodder (graduate housing) – Open for all breaks during the academic year
  • York – third floor (sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

Students who request Substance Free Housing are assigned to the third and fourth floors of Aroostook Hall, regardless of class standing. 

What to Bring ,What Not to Bring to Campus

Available Heights of Bed Options for Resident Halls

Questions regarding on-campus housing at UMaine? Check this site to see if your question can be answered here. If not, please e-mail the Housing Office at um.housing@maine.edu.

First Year Residence Requirement
Living on campus maximizes students’ opportunities for social, cultural and extracurricular involvement and is positively linked to students’ persistence toward attaining a degree. The University of Maine believes that residence hall living is an educational opportunity that all new students should experience. Living on campus is not required for a new admitted first-year student under any of the following criteria: (1) aged 21 or older; (2) a veteran or transfer student; (3) living with a parent or legal guardian within easy commuting distance (35 miles); (4) exceptional circumstances that do not permit them to meet the requirement.