Summer Housing

students living in summer housing

Summer 2024 Housing Applications now available!

Apply for Summer Housing:

Who is eligible for Summer Housing?

Students must be at least 17 years of age and enrolled in one or more Summer University classes on campus or be a departmentally-sponsored research student.

Housing is only authorized for the duration of the class or research. If a student is solely working a summer job on campus, they are not eligible for summer housing.

Undergraduate Summer Housing

Penobscot Hall offers double-single rooms, small single rooms, and double occupancy rooms. This hall is for undergraduate students and visiting undergraduate research students.

Exterior of Penobscot Hall
Penobscot Hall

When can I sign up for summer housing? 

The Summer Housing Application is now available! Links below.

What are the available dates of summer housing? 

May 4-August 17, 2024.

Undergraduate Weekly 2024 rates: 

Double room to yourself as a single with two 80″ XL twin beds, MicroChill, and $100 per week in Summer Meal Plan Dollars* – $318.00/week

Small Single room to yourself with an 80″ XL twin bed, MicroChill, and $100 per week in Summer Meal Plan Dollars* – $267.00/week

Double room with a roommate and two 80″ XL twin beds, MicroChill, and $100 per week in Summer Meal Plan Dollars* – $245.00/week

*Summer Meal Plan Dollars: A limited meal plan consisting of $100 per week in Summer Meal Plan Dollars is required to live in summer housing at Penobscot Hall. The Bear’s Den in Memorial Union will be open for meal purchases, Monday–Friday. Visit the Sodexo Dining Services page for the latest hours of operations and locations to use your Summer Meal Plan Dollars.

Graduate Summer Housing

Stodder Hall offers premium single rooms, small single rooms and double occupancy rooms. Summer Meal Plan Dollars are not included in graduate summer rates, but students may purchase Black Bear Bucks through the MaineCard Online Card Office. Stodder Hall offers a community kitchen in which you can cook your own food.

What’s included in the weekly rate

Stodder Hall

  • Room
  • MicroChill
  • Wi-Fi service
  • Free on-site Laundry
  • Community kitchen

Graduate Weekly 2024 Rates: 

Graduate Premium Single Room, full-size bed, MicroChill, and comfy chair – $278.00/week

Graduate Small Single Room, 80″ XL twin bed, MicroChill – $221.00/week

Graduate Double with a roommate and MicroChill – $202.00/week

What’s included in the weekly rate

Penobscot Hall

  • Room
  • MicroChill
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free on-site laundry 
  • $100 per week in Meal Plan Dollars

Exterior of Stodder Hall
Stodder Hall
Exterior of Penobscot Hall
Penobscot Hall

Apply For Summer Housing:

Summer Housing Important Information

How am I billed? 

Charges are billed to the student’s account and are based on a weekly occupancy. Weekly occupancy is defined as Sunday through Saturday. Payments are made to the Student Business Services Office.

Linen and Toiletries 

Students must provide their own toiletries. For students who do not bring their own linen, linen kits may be purchased for an additional $10 per week fee. A Linen Kit includes: a blanket, pillow, pillowcase, sheets, bath towel, wash cloth, and hand towel laundered weekly during stay.

Special Accommodations 

If you are a person with special housing needs, please contact the Student Accessibility Office. They will work with Housing Services to accommodate your needs.

Room Assignments 

Room assignments will be made by the Housing Services Office and e-mailed to the student along with reception desk hours in a confirmation email that will be sent following receipt of the application for summer housing.

Please Note 

Guests assigned to a given room will be held financially responsible for damages beyond normal wear and tear to the room and/or furnishings. The guest agrees to pay all fees specified, to comply with all rules and regulations of the University of Maine, the provisions of the Student Handbook, the terms and conditions of this agreement, the Guide to Campus Living, and any addendum. Failure to fulfill any of the terms of the above may lead to termination of this agreement, removal from University housing, and referral to the University Office of Community Standards.  The University may immediately remove a student from the residence halls if the student presents a danger to safety or property.