Door Lock Assistance

24/7 Security To Keep Our Students Safe

At UMaine, we strive to provide the safest and most secure environment for our students living on campus. We recently upgraded to a more secure lock system to ensure that students are safe on our campus and within our community.

Our dorm room locks are made by Assa Abloy and are the IN120 model. They utilize the Wi-Fi system for updates and are battery-powered. They will continue to work even during WiFi or power outages. Students can use their MaineCard or a mobile device to access their hall and their individual rooms on campus.

We provide 24/7 assistance for students that may find themselves locked out of their room or residence hall.

A photo of a WiFi lock

Important Facts for Using the Door Locks

  • Please be patient; it can take up to 10 minutes from the time of card issuance for the lock software to update and allow you into your room door.
  • When you first present your newly issued and/or replacement MaineCard to your door lock, it will immediately deny access (red flashing light). Please re-present your card after 30-60 seconds after the denial and it should approve access (green flashing light).
  • The lock works best when you hold the card or mobile device to the lock until you receive a denial (red light) or approval (green light) instead of waving it or tapping it on the reader.
  • You might get a denial (red light) if your card is in a wallet with other cards (credit cards, etc).
  • You may get a denial when your card is attached to your phone as this may confuse the lock on which credential to use.
  • Please do not prop your door open if you are having lock issues as this is a safety violation. Please contact us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

I locked myself out, what do I do?

Your first step is to contact one of the Resident Assistants for your hall. They have a master key and can open your room for you. They will always be your first stop.

If you cannot reach your Resident Assistant, your next step is to call the University of Maine Police Department at (207) 581-4040. They can verify your identity for security purposes and can assist you 24/7 with a room lockout.

My lock isn’t opening my door, what do I do?

This could be several things. If you have a roommate, have them try their MaineCard on your shared door lock. If their card works and yours does not, then you will need to visit the MaineCard Office for troubleshooting assistance.

If it does seem to be a lock issue, please call (207) 581-4371 between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and our Lock Team will be out to assist you.

If you are locked out after 4:30 pm, please contact your Resident Assistant first. If you are unable to reach them, your next step is to call the University of Maine Police Department at (207) 581-4040.

I lost my card or it was stolen and cannot access my room

Contact your Residence Assistant to gain access to your room or contact the University of Maine Police Department at (207) 581-4040 if you are locked out. They are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Once in your room, report your lost MaineCard immediately so that access can be shut off to your residence hall and room, meal plans, Black Bear Bucks, Dining Funds, and laundry funds accounts, to the New Balance Recreation Center, and your UMaine Library account at Fogler.

  1. Declare it lost quickly and easily through the eAccounts app.
  2. Use the Online Card Office:
    • Login using your MaineStreet login
    • Click on “Card Services” in the gray box in the upper, left-hand corner
    • Click on “Declare Card Lost/Stolen” in the bottom, right-hand corner
  3. Email the MaineCard office
  4. Come to the MaineCard Service Center, Hilltop 103L
  5. Call 207.581.2273 (CARD)

You will need to purchase a replacement for $20.00.

My MaineCard is broken and will not work on my room lock

A bent or damaged MaineCard will damage the NFC chip within the card. Contact your Resident Assistant and/or Community Coordinator for assistance getting back into your room or The University of Maine Police Department if after hours. Be sure to visit the MaineCard Office during regular hours to get a replacement card. There is a $20 replacement fee for all damaged/abused cards.

How do I get my MaineCard on my mobile phone?

Please visit the Mobile MaineCard page for details on how to use your phone around campus.

Still having lock issues? Let us know

If your lock issue is urgent and during normal operating hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:30pm hours only), give Tech Services a call at 207-581-4371. (Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:30pm hours only).

If your lock issue is urgent and after hours, please call the University of Maine Police Department at 207-581-4040 for lock assistance.

For non-urgent requests, you may also complete the form to the right with your issue and that will go right into the Lock Team’s support queue.

Please put your Hall & Room Number in the in your description of the issue. Or you can always call 207-581-4371 and feel free to leave a message if no one answers. We check it frequently throughout the day.

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