The Office of Research Administration reports to the Vice President for Research.  ORA assists faculty and staff in seeking and managing research grants, contracts, and other extramural funding.  ORA office serves as applicant, contract negotiator, and signatory authority for the University in such matters, and provides grant accounting services once an award is made.

Life Cycle of a Grant

Grant Cycle Graphic




For an in-depth explanation of the grant process please visit our Grant Cycle Overview page.


Christopher Boynton is the Director of the Office of Research Administration and the University of Maine’s Authorized Institutional Representative.  In this capacity, Director Boynton has the authority to submit applications or proposals, negotiate, execute, and otherwise obligate the University on the resulting grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts for sponsored projects.


The Office of Research Administration is organized into four functional areas:

Contact information for ORA staff by functional area can be found on our Meet our staff page.