Our Mission

The Office of Research Administration provides outstanding customer service, guidance and advice to the University community throughout the project lifecycle (submission, acceptance and administration) of externally funded sponsored programs and activities that contribute to the overall mission of the University.

A sponsored project is a grant, contract or other arrangement formalizing the transfer of money or property from a sponsor to the University of Maine with the intent to either carry out a public purpose or provide a direct benefit to the sponsor.  The Office of Research Administration administers all federal, state, for-profit, non-profit and foundation awards involving research, education, community service or other sponsor activities.


Christopher Boynton is the Director of the Office of Research Administration and the University of Maine’s Authorized Institutional Representative.  In this capacity, Director Boynton has the authority to submit applications or proposals, negotiate, execute, and otherwise obligate the University on the resulting grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts for sponsored projects.

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