TITLE: NCURA Webinar – NSPM-33 Compliance

TITLE: NCURA Webinar – NSPM-33 Compliance
DATE AND TIME: Thursday April 11th, 2024 from 2:00-3.30pm ET
o   Deadline to submit your registration request through RAN is Tuesday April 9th, 2024 by  5pm
This session will provide a broad overview of the proposed NSPM-33 program requirements. We will discuss which requirements are least likely to change and which have the greatest potential to change before the final guidance is released. We will host a dialogue about what participants are doing at their own institutions to prepare and where they are holding off. Finally, we will offer some ideas for how to start or keep the conversation going at your home institution.
Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Participants will understand which NSPM-33 requirements are least likely to change versus those still in flux.
  2. Participants will build an understanding of how to engage with key stakeholders despite the uncertainty of the final guidance.
  3. Participants will learn from colleagues about what they are doing in these spaces.

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