“When people from disparate fields work together, they advance knowledge and practice. And when today’s students become tomorrow’s teachers, researchers, and professionals, the total effect is that a given field–be it engineering or music or gaming or medicine–matures and transforms as new perspectives are taken into account.”
Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, 2019

Educational Objectives

The EPIC Certificate is designed to complement a student’s core curriculum, and provide them with tangible skills to meet the needs of employers throughout Maine and across the world.

Coursework is designed to provide skill-building in the following areas:

  • Project management, teamwork, and team management
  • Computational thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Communication (writing, presentation, marketing) 
  • Research (methods, proposal writing, ethical training)

Key objectives of the program include:

  • Students will develop new workforce development skills that they otherwise would not gain through their regular academic program
  • Students will gain a deep understanding of experiential resources on campus, and have hands-on experience with those resources
  • Students will understand how to use changing and emerging technologies to creatively solve problems
  • Students will be able to articulate ways that their knowledge can be applied in real-world work settings clearly and effectively