I wanted to continue the project I started in the course to make it a reality.

Noah Lambert, Class of 2025

INT 125 is open to undergraduate students from any major.

Contact your Academic Advisors for more information on how this course can support your goals. 

Looking to do undergraduate research at UMaine, but wondering where to begin?  This course is an introduction to the principles of ethical research, successful research reporting, and using interdisciplinary sharing to create solutions.

Complete Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training during class time, and apply your new skills to any area of study.  

INT 125 Students visit Darling Marine Center 2023
INT 125 students visit Darling Marine Center, Spring 2023

Check out our Cooperating Organizations to preview the facilities and programs you’ll learn about over the semester.  See how different centers might create conditions for research and iterate prototypes for solutions to what you discover. 

Visit state of the art campus facilities and join an interdisciplinary team to solve 21st century problems through experiential learning. 

Come away with documentation of your augmented research and collaboration skills right on your transcript.  

Make your year EPIC