To provide the best high-impact, student-centered undergraduate education in the nation and beyond.


To enable comprehensive development and systematic integration of innovative experiential learning in undergraduate programs; where learning goes beyond the classroom, as students methodically gain invaluable experiential education during their years at University of Maine System institutions, preparing them to be successful professionals and lifelong learners.

Educational Objectives


Students will gain an understanding of experiential resources on campus, and have hands-on experience with those resources 


Students will be able to articulate ways that their knowledge can be applied in real-world work settings clearly and effectively


Students will develop new workforce skills that they otherwise may not gain through their regular academic program


Students will use changing and emerging technologies to creatively solve problems

About EPIC

Cutting-edge student-centered undergraduate education is the key focal point of the University of Maine Experiential Programs Innovation Central – UMaine EPIC.  UMaine is the home to more than 9000 undergraduate students who are able to choose from 100 undergraduate majors and academic programs. With EPIC they have the opportunity to gain in-depth learning and invaluable skills through high impact experiential learning programs that have been closely integrated and coordinated for maximum educational impact.

EPIC takes experiential learning to new heights not available elsewhere. It is indicative of UMaine’s commitment to excellence in undergraduate education, where learning goes beyond the classroom, and undergraduates from their first year through senior year have the opportunity to experience a unique and highly effective student-centered learning environment, getting in-depth learning and gaining highly desirable skills and experiences, which prepare them well to succeed after graduation, as successful professionals and lifelong learners.

Students enrolling in EPIC-sponsored courses will receive academic credit as they go through their EPIC journey!

Participating EPIC units providing integrated high impact experiential learning through exposure to research, interdisciplinary experiences, new technologies, innovation, and design and prototyping.

EPIC now sets its sights on partnerships with other University of Maine System campuses to offer unique experiential opportunities with direct curricular integration, within and among these distinct learning communities throughout the state.

Center for Undergraduate Research

Did you know that EPIC works closely with the UMaine Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR)?

CUGR facilitates undergraduate (and sometimes graduate) students in pursuing novel scholarly activity under faculty mentorship. Fellowship funding is offered through CUGR on an application basis, and participation in EPIC improves applicant readiness as well as chances of selection.

CUGR also organizes the annual University of Maine Student Symposium, a showcase of the hundreds of student projects completed by both CUGR Fellows and students from all disciplines throughout the Orono and Machias UMaine campuses.