Winter Parking Ban begins November 1st, 2019

Winter Parking Ban – Between November 1st and May 1st the faculty/staff, commuter and visitor lots are closed to parking between the hours of midnight and 6:00 AM.  The Bridge Tennis Court and College Ave. South lots are available for temporary parking during these hours. 

Winter Break Parking – Residence hall students Winter Break  parking areas will be open starting December 12th 2019.  Vehicles are required to be in these areas starting at 5:00PM, Friday December 20, 2019 and will continue till 6:00PM, Sunday January 19th, 2020, your vehicles must be parked in one of the locations listed below.  (Also see the designated lot signs in those areas).

  • Hilltop lot south end, commuter section close to Emera Center.
  • Steam Plant resident lot, north section
  • South York parking lot between York Hall and the York Village Complex.

*Note : the winter parking ban is still in effect during Winter Break Parking *

Any vehicles remaining outside the designated Winter Parking areas when plowing is necessary will be ticketed, towed, and stored at the owners’ expense.  Please direct parking-related questions to Parking and Transportation Services, 523 DTAV Community Center by telephone 581-4047 or by email at um.parkingservices@maine.edu



After August 15th student permits (or permits running on the Academic Calendar) are not mailed and can only be picked up at the Parking Office in the DTAV Community Building.   As a reminder all permits come printed with the Rules and Regulations on the back.


The administrative office of Parking and Transportation Services is located in 523 DTAV Community Building, however, you may pay a citation, purchase a permit or obtain appeal forms at MaineCard Services, 130 Memorial Union and they are open 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

Parking Office

If you have any parking issues, please call us so we can help you. 207.581.4047. We will work with you to resolve your parking needs.  

Lot Closings and Updates

Things move fast at UMaine! Events and lot closings are denoted by posted signs at the entrances of parking lots in advance of the events. For a complete list of campus activities please visit the University Calendar page.

If you feel you will be directly affected by an event, you may want to consider car-pooling or riding the Community Connector Bus free with your MaineCard. Please remember that parking rules and lot designations are constant and remain in effect as posted. Park your vehicle in an appropriate space to avoid a citation.