Accessible Parking Spaces

Accessible Parking


ADA vehicles have access to any accessible signed spaces including those within barricaded lots.

Contact us at 207.581.4047 for any parking assistance.

The University of Maine complies with the federal standards for the number of accessible-designated parking spaces in relation to the number of parking spaces on the campus. These spaces are allocated in specific parking lots by the anticipated need in that area.



  • All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to have a valid University of Maine Parking Permit.
  • To park in an accessible space, an individual must also have a state-issued accessible permit/placard or plate.
  • Those 2 permits together, allow parking in any valid University of Maine student, faculty/staff, commuter, or visitor accessible parking space. The State-issued accessible permit/placard should be displayed facing the window from the mirror and the University of Maine permit should be displayed facing the driver so that the numbers can be read by a Parking Enforcement Officer.
  • Failure to have both permits displayed are subject to enforcement procedures.
  • Vehicles with accessible permits parked in areas designated for other permit categories are subject to enforcement procedures. Examples include parking in Service Vehicle Spaces, Carpool and Loading Zones.
  • A temporary 7-day Accessible parking pass can be obtained at the Parking Office. These permits cannot be extended or renewed. The permit gives the individual time to go through the State of Maine if a permit is required past 7 days. Limited on one 7 day pass per calendar year.
  • Once signed the paperwork can be brought to the Bangor BMV and a placard can be issued that same day, mailing or faxing the paperwork could create a week long lead time for receiving the placard by mail.
    • The Bangor BMV is located at 396 Griffin Road, Suite 202 Bangor, ME 04401, Tel: (207) 942-1319 Fax: (207) 945-0175


State of Maine paperwork


Frequently Ask Questions:

Q. I have a state issued accessible placard or plate for my vehicle; do I still need a University permit?

A. Yes. We are a “parking-by-permit” campus. Faculty, staff and students purchase a yearly permit. Visitors to the campus may obtain a one-day permit free of charge or purchase a yearly permit. Permits may be purchased at Parking and Transportation Services, 523 DTAV. For more information on Visitor Permits click here.

Visitor permits are also available at:

  • The Parking Services – 523 DTAV Community Center, located across from the UCU on Rangeley Road.
  • The Police Department – 83 Rangeley Road. There is a parking pass kiosk in the main lobby.

Q. I broke my leg this past weekend skiing. Can I get a temporary accessible permit for the six weeks I will be on crutches?

A. Yes, Parking and Transportation Services will issue you a temporary accessible permit for up to seven days. This permit is valid for accessible spaces on the campus only. You will be provided with a state accessible permit request form (PDF) requiring your doctor’s signature. Take the completed form to the Bureau of Motor Vehicle Registry to obtain a temporary or longer-term placard.

Q. I am a commuter student and walking from the CCA lot seems like a long ways on crutches. Am I able to park closer to my destination?

A. Yes. As long as both permits, a state accessible permit and University permit, are displayed, you can park in any accessible-designated space.

Q. I broke my leg this weekend, but I haven’t been able to get a accessible placard yet. Anyone can see that I am disabled so I parked in a handicap space. Is this going to cause a problem?

A. Yes! It may be obvious to you, but the enforcement officer wasn’t present when you got out of your vehicle. You are going to be responsible for a $200 citation and the charge of having your vehicle towed and stored unnecessarily. Avoid this by stopping at the Parking and Transportation Services for a temporary permit.

Q. I’m a student and when I arrive each morning for class all the accessible spaces are taken near my building. I parked in the egress area (zebra striped area) and received a citation for improper parking. Why?

A. The egress area is next to the accessible space reserved to allow a disabled person to get out of their vehicle. If your vehicle is parked there, it limits accessibility. If you find all the handicap spaces full, try an adjacent lot. A parking lot on the other side of the building may have an open space. If you continue having difficulties, contact Student Accessibility Services at 207.581.2319 for more information.

Q. I did not go through the State of Maine for a temporary or permanent placard and now I need some additional days. Can I get another temporary pass?

A. No, the State of Maine has strict regulations for the issuing of temporary accessible parking passes. As instructed the original 7 day pass is issued in order to give time for the customer to go though the State of Maine and obtain a placard. Our accessible parking pass can not be renewed or extended. Please make sure you start the State of Maine paperwork process promptly. Once signed the paperwork can be brought to the Bangor BMV and a placard can be issued that same day, mailing or faxing the paperwork could create a week long lead time for receiving the placard by mail.