Parking Rules & Regulations

All students must read, understand, and comply with UMaine’s Parking Rules & Regulations prior to obtaining a parking permit.

Students – Where To Park

All students are required to have a hangtag permit placed on their rearview mirror.

To find student parking be sure to check out:

If you have any questions about where to park, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 207-581-4047 or

Download a printable campus map here.

Students – Order a Permit

We offer a variety of permits for students based on their status with the university.

’24 -’25 Student Permits are now available

Non-upperclassman residents must utilize the waitlist/permit-application to be eligible for a permit. This will be located at the bottom of the first web portal page.

You must be signed up for classes to have an active web-portal account. If you have questions or need assistance please contact us via email:

Students – Electric Vehicles

Visit our Electric Vehicles page to see charging station options.

The public EV station locations and charging instructions can be found through at the following website links:

For more information on electric vehicle charging while on campus please see the Office of Sustainability website:

Students – Accessible Parking Spaces

The University of Maine complies with Federal standards for the number of accessible designated parking spaces in relation to the number of parking spaces on the campus. These spaces are allocated in specific parking lots by the anticipated need in that area.

Visit our Accessible Parking page for more information.

Students – Public Transportation

Students have several options for traveling around and near campus

Students – Pay or Appeal a Citation

If a student receives a parking citation, they must pay it promptly. If a student feels that they received their ticket in error, they have the option to appeal the citation.

Students – Recreation Center Parking

A student parking permit is valid within the Rec Center parking lot for up to 4-hours while utilizing the Rec Center. 

There is no overnight parking in the Rec Center parking lot as it closes each night from 12:30am – 5am, year round.

Students – Bicycle Registration

Bikes on campus are encouraged and fun!

Visit the University of Maine Police Department to register your bike on campus. Please bring your bicycle information including any unique identifiers as part of the bicycle registration process.

StudentsAthletic Events & Tailgating Info

Let’s Go Black Bears!

Looking for parking for the big game? Find parking spots by visiting the Athletics & Tailgating page.

Students – Towing Information

If a student’s car gets towed, please contact:

Sullivan’s Automotive Service
84 Airport Road
Old Town, ME 04468

Dispatch Office Phone : (207) 827-2413 / Fax : (207) 827-3616
Business Office Phone : (207) 817-0142 / Fax : (207) 817-0143

All tow fees, holds, and services are handled through Sullivan’s Automotive directly.

Please reference UMaine’s Towing Policy in Section G of the full Rules and Regulations for more detailed information.

Students – Motorist Assistance

Broken Down Vehicle

In the event of an emergency or mechanical failure, please immediately notify Parking and Transportation Services at 207-581-4047 during regular business hours or the University Police Department at 207-581-4040 after business hours. The owner or driver of the vehicle must arrange for the vehicle to be moved as soon as possible or as otherwise directed.

Also see the Black Bear Safe App for safety and security while walking on campus.

Jump Start Requests

The University of Maine Parking and Transportation Services office provides complimentary vehicle jump starts on campus when officers are available. This service is provided Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm excluding University recognized holidays.

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. call 207.581.4047
Monday – Friday after 4 p.m. and weekends call 207.581.4040

Loading Zone pass requests

Are you moving in or out of a dorm or office? Do you need to load or unload large items such as art pieces or groceries? If so, please request a loading zone pass at the Parking Office, either in person or via an email request. This will allow you to park in the loading zone area of the building without issue. Fire lanes should never be used for this purpose.