Research Learning Experiences

This fall we have big plans for you, our students. We think it is important to provide experiences that give you the chance to open your mind to different ways of learning and to unlock doors to many different horizons. We are kicking off a new tradition for incoming first-year students as well as for our returning second-year students who started in fall 2020 during the pandemic. We are offering a FREE one-credit fall research learning experience (RLE) course. 
As can be seen below, there are more than 30 such RLE courses that you can choose from, across a range of disciplines and topics. Don’t know what your major is yet? No worries: explore, try something new, follow a lead and see where it takes you. If you do have an area of interest, take a deeper dive. Not sure which one to select, and want us to pick one for you? No problem. Any way you get involved, enjoy the ride.
Sign up for one of these fall experiences to start getting engaged: engaged in research, in creativity, in your communities, and in building a mindset that will help you solve problems for life. 

Supported by a generous donation from the Harold Alfond Foundation as part of UMS TRANSFORMS.

What will you do this fall?

Sign up deadline is Aug. 6

RLE 01

Print in 3D

RLE 02

Map history

RLE 03

Blow up art

RLE 04

Harvest timber

RLE 05

Make friends and build community

RLE 06

Build for a community

RLE 07

Read customer minds

RLE 08

Inspire Earth’s future with design

RLE 09


RLE 10

animal DNA

RLE 11


RLE 12

Research wind power

RLE 13

Experience engineering

RLE 14

Make a
better farm

RLE 15

Solve environmental problems

RLE 16

Play with

RLE 17

Explore Maine’s landscapes

RLE 18

Map marijuana

RLE 19

Garden like a medieval monk

RLE 20

Track the shifting seasons

RLE 21

Energize a mechanical system

RLE 22

Make a unique logo

RLE 23


RLE 24

Make friends with Jack Kerouac

RLE 25

Explore the

RLE 26

Hunt for

RLE 27

Succeed in

RLE 28

Experience art
and culture

RLE 29

Interpret geologic history

RLE 30

Develop sustainable solutions

RLE 31

(Don’t) sponsor
an athlete

RLE 32

Reason why

RLE 33

Measure a forest

RLE 34

Cruise a river