Linking Space to Maine's Economy


To advance Maine’s economy through the new space economy and the preparation of the needed workforce for space-related research, technology development, and commercialization.


To support research and development in space science and engineering through a multidisciplinary approach and including direct participation of non-STEM researchers to provide a unique perspective in support of the new space economy workforce needs.

We strive to excel in the following areas:

  • Outreach to K-12 community to build the STEM pipeline in Space related areas.
  • Systematic training for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in project development and strategic planning.
  • Enhanced internship programs with NASA and aerospace industry partners.
  • Experiential learning opportunities for students from all majors and disciplines in an interdisciplinary manner.
  • Forging partnerships with industry to collaborate on complex problems.
  • Develop intellectual property, commercialize products, and assist Maine-based companies to join the new space ecosystem.
researchers in the lunar habitat
University of Maine flagship logo and SPACE