Welcome to Early College Programs at the University of Maine

What is Early College?

The Early College Program allows students to take college courses while they are still in high school. Students can take these courses either tuition-free or at a reduced early college rate. Please see our Apply page or FAQs for more information.

You are invited!

Register now for our Zoom Info session on Early College. This live event on Thursday, November 18 at 5:30 p.m. will answer your questions about Early College, Pathways, and more.

University of Maine at Machias logo. Sunset over a rocky ocean beach background. Options are also available through our regional campus, The University of Maine at Machias. machias.edu/earlycollege

Early College in the News

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“Early College at UMaine was a valuable opportunity to advance my education and gain insight into how college classes compare to high school classes. I feel lucky to have been told about the program, and I plan to take more Early College classes later in my high school career.” – Liam

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“The connections I have built with my professors and the knowledge I have gained within this year of Early College has primed me as a student, human being, and forever learner. These programs provide families of lower-income students with great passion and schools of interest with life-changing and barrier-breaking opportunities.” – Sophie

Early College Programs, a part of UMaine’s Division of Lifelong Learning, stands against racism. Please click here to read a statement addressing this important issue.