General Information

  • All Early College classes carry UMaine credit and meet the general education requirements of UMaine.
  • The $25/credit online fee will only apply to courses taken through the end of summer 2020.  Courses beginning in Fall 2020 will not incur a $25/credit online fee.
  • Course registration is subject to space availability and registration will be confirmed via email. Processing of your application may take a minimum of  5 business days.
  • Complete applications include: Student signature, Parent signature, & School Counselor approval in the ExplorEC portal.
  • A maximum of six (6) credits can be paid for by Aspirations and Academ-e per semester, combined; or twelve (12) credits per academic year.
  • Students interested in taking more credits than those approved through the Early College Programs may do so, but will be charged full tuition rates for any credits over (6) credit hours per semester.
  • Be advised that most science and math courses have lecture and recitation portions as well as lab portions that are required. Please keep this in mind when selecting live courses.



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For more information call Allison at 207.581.8004

Deadlines for applications are ONE full week prior to the class start date.

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