How To Apply: Applications are now being accepted for Summer ’19 And Fall '19!


1. Two online forms will need to be submitted:

Student/Parent Application (submitted by the student & parent)
School Counselor Recommendation (submitted by the student’s school counselor)
Note: If the student is homeschooled, only the Student/Parent Application form will be needed.

2. Print out the FERPA form for submission to the Office of Student Records to have on the student’s UMaine account. This form allows us to speak to a parent/guardian about the student’s account.
Note: This form is not necessary to complete the application, however, it is required by law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) if you want us to be able to speak with a parent or guardian.

3. The student will be sent an email confirming enrollment when it occurs.


The new system portal for Early College registration can be found here. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this process. **NOTE** This is only available for fall. Please use the method at the top of the page for summer. 

ExplorEC is the new registration portal for the entire University of Maine System.