1. Choose your course from the semester listings

2. Create your account at ExplorEC. (Remember to have your parent sign the application).

3. Apply for your course and meet with your school counselor to approve your application.

Contact us at um.earlycollege@maine.edu or 207.581.8004 with any questions.

Application Information

  • Course registration is subject to space availability and registration will be confirmed via email. The processing of your application may take a minimum of  2-5 business days.
  • For Maine students attending a public high school or state registered home school: A maximum of twelve (12) credits can be covered by Department of Education funding per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).
  • Students interested in taking more credits than those approved by the Department of Education may do so, but will be charged an Early College tuition rate for any credits over the maximum of twelve (12). Eligibility guidelines are determined by the Maine Department of Education.
  • Maine students who pay tuition to any high school or international students attending a high school in Maine: May take courses at the new Early College rate. Students will pay a discounted tuition of $138.25 per credit compared to the standard rate of $309 per credit.

Explaining the process

How has the Early College Program affected your Family?

Oh, it’s just been a lifesaver! Tommy wanted to keep taking math classes, but he couldn’t do this through high school because he topped out. To be able to have him be on campus last year and attend classes and be with other students, that was really important. We liked that he was able to be with his classmates and peers, even with some of them being older. It’s just been wonderful! He’s been able to take everything so far that we were looking for.

~ Suzanna, Early College parent

photo of Suzanna Owen, EC Parent