Welcome to the Office of Research Compliance

COVID-19 Guidance: Research operations may return to normal per current UMS Guidelines. More details can be found at: COVID-19 Guidance for Researchers (updated 11/14/2022).

The mission of the office is to promote a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing research. The office provides comprehensive regulatory guidance to the UMaine research community regarding specific components of research compliance — including animal care, biosafety, conflict of interest, controlled substances, export control, human subjects, research misconduct, research security, and responsible conduct of research

All members of the University community are responsible for familiarizing themselves, and complying with all applicable regulations and policies. Failure to do so places not only the University but also the individual community member at risk for violations which could result in substantial administrative, civil, and criminal fines and penalties, including jeopardizing the University’s ability to apply for and receive federal funding.

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