Delaney’s Story

photo of Early College student, Delaneyphoto of Early College student, Delaney at their high school graduation“The University of Maine at Orono is where I will be attending beginning the fall of 2021 to double major in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. My dream job is to design high-tech prosthetics. The opportunities that Early College presented me have set me up to achieve my goals. By participating in Early College, I have been able to get a lot of my electives and quite a few of my core courses done before I even graduate from high school. Through Early College I have been able to successfully complete 40 credits with the UMaine System, helping me to enter my first official year at Orono as a Sophomore. The instructors and staff that I have had the pleasure to work with in my Early College have solidified my decision to study at UMaine. Having the opportunity to get to know faculty and staff ahead of time has made me feel like I am already a part of the UMaine community. When it comes to taking advanced classes while in high school, I would highly recommend taking them through Early College. The program not only opened the door to the courses but also provided assistance and support whenever I needed it. Not only have I been able to get high school credit but I have been able to work towards my specific college degree as well. Unlike AP courses the credits are not dependent on a one day, one time, high stress test.  Participating in the opportunities that Early College has to offer has given me a chance to know that I am making the right decision – not only in my course of study but also in my chosen place to study. GO BLACK BEARS!”

– Delaney