Stevens Hall, circa 1965
Stevens Hall, circa 1965

150 years of UMaine

Faces behind the places

Influential people in UMaine’s history and the buildings named in their honor

Students on a field trip to the coast

Through the decades

Significant events and people of the early years at the University of Maine

“For 150 years, the University of Maine has had a leadership role in the state. Because Maine’s potential is our purpose, UMaine serves as the state’s major research and cultural hub, linking our resources with the needs of industries and businesses, schools, cultural institutions, Maine government and communities.” President Susan J. Hunter, 2015

A Chapter in history

A chapter in history

View UMaine postcards, learn about the historic district on campus and discover the history of Bananas the Bear.

Students cheering at a football game

Photos and videos

A picture, and a video, can be worth a thousand words

Did you know?

In 1999, men’s ice hockey won the program’s second national title, topping the University of New Hampshire 3–2 in overtime.

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Editor’s note

Material compiled for this website is a selection of archival information about the university. It is not a complete history.