Penalties (section F of the full Rules and Regulations) 

Any violation of the Rules and Regulations may result in being cited, removed, and towed or immobilization; and/or other appropriate disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, proceedings under the Student Conduct Code; proceedings under State of Maine law or any combination of such penalties. Additional citations can be issued if the original violation is not corrected within 24 hours. If after 24 hours the vehicle is still in violation another citation can be written.

Charges for violations of these Rules may be waived by payment of the fines:

Effective July 1st, 2022:



Parking in spaces designated for Accessible/Handicap without the appropriate permit/placard.

  • No current UMAINE disabled permit or placard displayed.
  • No valid state disabled plate or placard displayed.
  • Parked in the accessible/handicap egress area (zebra striped).
Parking in a posted Fire Lane. $150
Using an unauthorized permit that has been altered, found, stolen, or counterfeited. $100
Parking in an unpaved area or on the turf. $50
Failure to register a vehicle with Parking and Transportation Services after receiving three or more citations for “No Permit”. $50
Parking on a sidewalk, pedestrian path, safety zone or in an area or manner constituting a safety hazard. $50
Parking in violation of permit issued. (Improper Lot/Space) $50
Parking in posted loading zone without proper permit. $50
Parking in posted bus stop area. $50
Parking in lots that are closed to overnight parking due to winter parking ban. $50
Parking in lots that have been closed for:

  • snow removal,
  • maintenance, or
  • a special event.
Parking in “No Parking” areas:

  • Roadways,
  • On cement islands,
  • Obstructing a driveway,
  • Obstructing a street,
  • Obstructing a vehicle, or
  • Obstructing a bicycle lane.
Parking overtime in a timed space. $25
Parking in a posted “Service Vehicle” space. $50
Parking without a permit (no permit). $25
Failure to display a parking permit after it has been purchased and is valid. $20
Not EV/Charging

  • A non-electric vehicle parked in any EV space (staff or public)
  • Parked in a public pay-to-charge EV charging space for more than 30 minutes after EV charging has ended
  • Parked in a public pay-to-charge EV charging space and not plugged in

(This citation was added 11/30/22 for better clarification on EV violations)


Multiple tickets can be issued in lieu of impoundment and towing.


Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I use a fire lane to unload groceries for a few minutes?

No. Parking in fire lanes is not permitted for any length of time. That said, we do not consider the vehicle “parked” if someone (including a friend) is inside the vehicle, with the keys, ready to move it. If someone cannot stay with the vehicle, 30 minute loading zones are available by dorms buildings, and can be used with a permit from Parking & Transportation Services.

  • I’m guaranteed a warning on my first violation, correct?

No, warnings are not guaranteed on your first violation. Citations are issued when a vehicle is found to be in violation of the Rules and Regulations.

  • How can I be ticketed if there are no parking spaces? 

At the University of Maine running out of parking spaces is extremely rare and unlikely, and we will make special allowances if it does occur. We can not, however, insure that there are always parking spaces in the students’ preferred lots. Parking spaces are consistently available in the Satellite Lot, the Hilltop Commuter Lot, and the York Village Lot. Regularly updated counts of parking spaces on campus can be found by calling 207-581-INFO(4636)

  • I see a citation on my Bursar Account but it’s not dated the same as my citation. Why? 

When a citation is issued it stays with the Parking Office for payment. However, after 14+ days left unpaid it is then transferred to the Bursar Office for collections. The date showing on your Bursar account is the date it posted to your account not the issue date of the citation itself. You can also see your citations information under your account on the Parking Portal.


How to pay:

Payments are accepted over the phone (207-581-4047) or in person at the Parking Office. Debit, credit, cash, check and money order are accepted. If a student’s citation goes 14 days unpaid the bill will be transferred the Bursar’s Office for collections. This will be placed on the students account which can be paid online. Please note the date showing on the Bursar account is the date posted to the account not the issue date of the citation itself.



All non-student unpaid citations will start the collections process. There are three collection notices sent to the vehicle owners home address after the original citation is issued and substantial time has been give for payment. If no reply or payment plan has been set up the bill will be transferred to our collection agency. At this time the owners parking privileges for campus are revoked and the vehicle added to our tow list. This will be cancelled when payment for the fines are received and verified. Our current collections agency is: Coast Professionals.

Payments for citation in collection will be handled directly through our collection agency: Coast Professional, INC.  All payments can be accepted via their website:



See our designated appeal page for instructions and the appeal form.