Award Management

Award Management serves as the liaison between the university and external sponsors once an award has been made.  The process of managing sponsored projects is a shared responsibility between the PI, the department, and ORA, and each has unique areas of responsibility.

ORA staff assists PIs manage sponsored projects by providing services which include but are not limited to:

  • a comprehensive review of sponsor award terms and conditions, which includes negotiation and formal acceptance of the award
  • subaward negotiation and acceptance
  • project account set-up
  • project invoicing and draw down of funds
  • financial reporting
  • time and effort reporting
  • project close out

The PI has primary responsibility for accomplishing the technical goals of the project, while also complying with the Financial and administrative policies and regulations associated with the award.  PI’s should meet with their department administrative and/or financial manager to review charges in a timely manner.  The fundamental responsibilities of the PI include:

  • execute the project as outlined in the approved award
  • authorizing only those expenditures that are reasonable and necessary to accomplish the project goals and are consistent with the sponsor’s terms and conditions
  • monthly reviews of project budgets; addressing budget discrepancies and errors promptly
  • reporting project progress to the sponsor as outlined in the terms of the award
  • complying with all University policies and procedures related to project management and personnel practices
  • complying with all applicable sponsor rules, regulations and/or terms and conditions of the award

In addition, the document “Award Management:  Role and Responsibilities of a Principal Investigator at the University of Maine (PDF)” clearly defines the Investigator/Department and ORA roles and responsibilities throughout the Award Management Process, and provides links to policies, guides, and other resources.