A subaward is a formal written agreement made between the University of Maine and another legal entity (subrecipient) for programmatic activity under a University sponsored project.  For more information on Subawards please see the University of Maine Administrative Practice Letter on Subrecipient Monitoring (section VIII-D) and Uniform Guidance at 2 CFR 200.330 Subrecipient and Contractor determinations.

See the Subaward Processing Checklist—Department/PIs.

Characteristics of a Subaward

Subrecipient vs. Contractor

For additional guidance on determining if work conducted by an institution or organization outside of the University should be procured under a subaward or a different mechanism, such as a Contract for Professional Services, see the FDP Checklist to Determine Subrecipient or Contractor Classification or National Academies. org.

Services not requiring a subaward may be covered by the purchasing procedures of the University of Maine Administrative Practice Letter for Procurement (section VII-A) or contact your project’s ORA PreAward staff member for additional guidance.