Upcoming RAN Meeting

Monthly Reconciliation – Feb. 12th

Save the Date!
Please join us at the February 12th, 2019 RAN meeting. This month’s topic will be Monthly Reconciliation. We’ll have presenters from ORA and EPSCoR. We’ll also have a short presentation of the RAN site embedded in your UMaine Portal. The workshop will be held in the Hill Auditorium in Barrows Hall from 1:15-3:15 PM. Register here (you will prompted to enter your UMaine portal log-in information). 

Short Survey on January’s workshop – Understanding Cost Share


To build the University’s research support infrastructure by enhancing the professional competencies of those who support and contribute to the research enterprise.



  • Provide educational and training workshops on topics related to research administration
  • Inform the research community on research related policy, guidance and procedural changes
  • Provide a networking platform for research administrators to share information, expertise and best practices
  • Enhance communication between the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and the research community


Our membership consists of representatives from across all areas of the University research enterprise including faculty, staff and administrators.

What can Ran do for you?

RAN membership provides professional development opportunities.  As a member of RAN you will receive notifications about upcoming meetings and changes in the processes, guidance, and policies maintained through central administration. The RAN committee will offer training and networking sessions for research administrators throughout the year. The committee will bring in guest speakers as needed and present programming to provide the best tools and resources to support research administrators. A typical agenda may feature an update on current research activities, changes in the uniform guidance, or educational topics driven by the needs of the network members.

A network site through the UMaine Portal has been established in order to facilitate the RAN mission. The network site gives RAN members access to upcoming meeting materials; notes and handouts from past meetings; resources and training; and discussion boards (RSS feeds) for ongoing conversation of topics of need and relevance to the research administrators network. This site can only be accessed by members of the RAN community.

For questions about RAN, including ideas for future meetings and access to the RAN Portal, please contact ran@maine.edu.

University of Maine Research Administrative Network (RAN) User Group Site

ORA RAN site  can only be accessed by members of the RAN community. If you’d like to join, please contact us with your request at ran@maine.edu.


If you are already a member –

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