ORA Organizational Chart

Visual representation of organizational chart

  • Director, Office of Research Administration (Christopher Boynton)
    • Associate Director (Debbie Carver, CRA)
      • Pre-Award Services
        Proposal Manager (Laura Ward)

        • Grant & Contract Administrator II (Wendy Powers)
        • Grant & Contract Administrator II (Susannah Fisher)
        • Grant & Contract Administrator II (Meghan Dill)
      • Post-Award Services
        Grant & Contract Administrator III (Deborah Esparza St. Louis)

        • Post Award Staff Associate II (Shannon Johnson)
        • Subaward Officer III (Tammy York)
        • Grant & Contract Administrator, Graduate Assistant (Dominic Piacentini)
    • Fiscal Services
      Grant Accountant IV (Robert Lavigne)

      • Grant Accountant III (Frank Belanger)
        • Grant Accountant II (Jenny Lynch)
      • Grant Accountant I (Cassandra Gauvin)
    • Documents & Operations
      Document & Communications Administrator II (Robin Crocker)

      • Administrative Specialist CL I (Leisa Preble)