Residence Halls

The University of Maine campus has 20 different residence facilities, providing a wide variety of building and community styles to meet students’ needs.  For the 2018-2019 academic year, our communities and halls will include:

  • 6 residence halls dedicated to first-year students, including Androscoggin, Knox, Cumberland, Gannett, Somerset, Oxford, and 2 floors of York (first and second).
  • A variety of First Year Experience Living Learning Communities, which provide first-year students the opportunity to live with peers who share a common interest. Substance Free housing is available to students in any class (first year to senior) on the third and fourth floors of Aroostook Hall. Outdoor Adventure is open to first and second year students and is located in Kennebec Hall. Education majors can choose to live in mixed housing on first floor Hancock (Leave Your Print)
  • 1 floor in York Hall for incoming transfer students – the Transfer Living Community
  • 4 residence halls housing second-year students and some first year students, in Hart, Hancock, Aroostook and Kennebec Halls  and York
  • 4 residence halls housing Honors students, including Penobscot, Estabrooke, Colvin and Balentine Halls
  • 4 options for Junior and Senior students – Oak (all singles), Estabrooke (top 2 floors – mostly singles), and 2 apartment complexes (DTAV/Patch)
  • 1 graduate student hall- Stodder Hall