First-Year Student Information

We can’t wait to meet you, Black Bear!

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Maine! We hope your first year here will be a great introduction to the endless experiences on campus that are available to you as a student.

Living on campus maximizes opportunities for social, cultural, and extracurricular involvement and is positively linked to students’ persistence toward attaining a degree. The University of Maine believes that residence hall living is an educational opportunity that all new students should experience.

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Apply For Housing As Soon As Possible

You may even apply for housing if you have not confirmed admission to UMaine. All housing assignments are made based on availability and the application date once admission is confirmed.

Once the housing application is complete, it will be time to pay your housing deposit:

1. Log in to MaineStreet:

2. Under MaineStreet click on your Student Center 

3. In the Finances section click on Pay My Bill

4. Click on View Bill/Payment Options

5. Click on the Access TouchNet Bill+Payment button.

6. Once on the payment site go to the “Deposits” section to complete the credit card payment.

Once your housing deposit has been received and you have confirmed with Admissions that you will be attending the University of Maine, we will mark your application as ready to be assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolled in the Intensive English Institute are exempt from having to pay the housing deposit.

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First year Live-On Residence Requirement

The University of Maine requires all first year students to live on campus. All first-year students must submit a housing application. Living on campus supports students’ success in pursuit of their degree. It also provides students with valuable life experiences in a supportive environment.

For students who would like to request an exemption, they must do so on the housing application, found at myHousing Portal.

Living on campus brings you access to: 

  • Secure access to your building and residence hall room tied to your Mobile MaineCard
  • New people who will become lifelong friends
  • New experiences you won’t get anywhere else
  • Opportunities to learn skills for transitioning into adulthood
  • Included amenities like electricity, Wi-Fi, and streaming entertainment — no extra bills
  • On-site laundry that you don’t have to pay for
  • Parking in one of our many lots with a parking pass
  • Free or low cost access to campus activities such as athletics, arts and cultural events
  • A robust student life activity calendar
  • More than 200 clubs, organizations and Greek Life
  • Ride the Campus Connector bus for free
  • Easy access to academic support like tutoring, career counseling and healthcare
  • Academic and personal support from trained residence hall staff and university personnel
  • University Police available 24/7
  • Access to a large river and trail system as well as MaineBound activities

Simply put: When you’re on campus, you are supported in class and beyond. Academically, students who live on campus have proven to be more successful in attaining their degree.

First year “on-campus residence” requirement

All incoming first year students must fill out a housing application. No exceptions.

A student may apply to waive the on-campus requirement if they are:

  • Over age 21
  • A veteran or transfer student
  • Living with a parent or legal guardian within an easy commuting distance (e.g., 25 miles from campus)
  • Have exceptional circumstances that do not permit them to live on campus

Students who meet one of these criteria must request a first-year housing exemption on their application. A representative from UMaine Residence Life will respond to the student regarding their exemption request.

Requesting an exemption:

Why do I have to fill out a housing application?

  • Because all first-year students are required to.

How does UMaine define a first-year student? 

  • A first-year student is enrolled in, or seeking to enroll in, classes at the University of Maine for the first time within one calendar year of their high school graduation.

What is considered “on-campus residence”?

  • Any University of Maine operated residence hall.

How do I request an exemption?

  • The exemption request is in the housing application accessed through the myHousing portal.

If I sign a housing contract and request an exemption that is granted, is the housing contract automatically canceled, or do I need to do anything?

  • If the exemption is granted before the start of the academic year, your contract will be automatically canceled — no fee.
  • If the exception is granted during the year, you will be reimbursed through a credit on your student account for a pro-rated amount.

If I am granted an exemption, but my off-campus living situation changes during my first year, can I apply for housing?

  • Yes. You must fill out a new application for housing and we will be happy to welcome you to campus.

Housing Application facts

  • Apply for housing even if you have not confirmed your admission to UMaine. 
  • $75.00 Housing Deposit paid after housing application completion.
  • Assignments will be released on July 15.
  • Honors College students: Apply and confirm admission early. Honors housing is limited and fills quickly. You must have accepted the Honors College invitation before applying for Honors housing. 
  • Housing assignments are made based on availability and the application date once admission is confirmed
  • UMaine’s residence halls include non-break and break housing as well as two suite-style buildings for upperclass students. 
  • UMaine residence halls do not include general use kitchens, but all floors have microwaves in lounges.
  • As part of your application you must choose a meal plan. Details at
  • Laundry is included in your housing and available on-site.

Communities within UMaine residence halls 

First‑year students may request general first year housing. They may also request up to three themed communities or Living and learning communities.

What communities are available at UMaine?

UMaine offers: 

  • Living Learning Communities (based on academic majors)
  • Themed communities (based on shared interests)
  • Virtual communities (residential communities with online components)

Requests for Living/Learning Communities and Themed Housing will be assigned based upon space availability. Learn more about them here:

When do I move in?

Move in is part of the Maine Hello which will start on Aug 30. More specific details will be announced closer to August but you may reference our Residence Hall Opening/Closing page in the meantime.

Property Insurance

Students are strongly encouraged to have property insurance for their personal belongings. The University does not insure student belongings while they live on campus. Comprehensive, affordable property insurance is available through CSI College Student Insurance. For more information, check out our list of what to bring to campus.

Roommates & Roommate Requests

Students who have a specific roommate request should include it on their housing application. Both students should request each other on their housing applications. Roommate requests are guaranteed with both housing applications on file. Housing will accommodate requests made received after July 15, if possible.

UMaine uses a roommate matching program called My College Roomie for first-year students coming in for the fall semester. If a student arrives new for the spring semester, it will either be a random assignment or an assignment with a specific roommate request.

Fall semester first-year students who match with a roommate through My College Roomie will be assigned their matched roommate, and do not need to contact our office to request a roommate.

If you find a roommate after submitting your housing application and you did not participate in My College Roomie, please email us with the name of your requested roommate. Roommate pairings will be honored as much as possible.

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Ready to live on campus at UMaine?