The Maine Hello is a campus-wide event wherein returning students, faculty, and staff members from across the university volunteer to welcome new students and their families as they arrive on campus. Volunteers assist with greeting families, answering questions, directing traffic, and helping first-year students move into their residence halls room. Every year over 700 members of the campus community participate in the Maine Hello!
Maine Hello will be on August 25, 2023 from 8:00am to 4:00pm!
Resident Information

Hearty Maine Hello! In just a few weeks we will be welcoming you to campus as you move into your residence hall. In preparation for your arrival to campus we want to give you an overview of the logistics for your move-in day, some steps you can take to prepare for moving in, and what to expect from us when you arrive on campus. Please read this letter and map thoroughly, and plan to bring this information with you to campus. 


Residential students who are needed on campus early (Resident Assistants, pre-season athletes, band members, RLE participants, Black Bear Bound participants, Maine Hello volunteers, etc.) should first check with their trip leader, coach, or program director to determine the specific date and time of arrival. 

Residential students who are returning to campus (upperclass students) are free to arrive on Saturday, August 26, 2023 or Sunday, August 27, 2023 between 10:00am and midnight when the Resident Assistants are on duty at the front desk of each building. 

All residential students who are new to campus (first-year students and those transferring from another school) should plan to arrive on Friday, August 25, 2023 between 8:00am and 4:00pm to experience the Maine Hello. It’s an exciting way for us to welcome you all to our community for the first time! See below for some tips and tricks for arriving during Maine Hello!

  1. Before packing please read our list of recommended items for residence hall living, as well as the list of items that we do not allow in the halls for safety reasons. This information can be found in the Guide to Campus Living on the Residence Life website.

  2. Make sure that you’ve set up your mobile MaineCard. You’ll use this to access your building, room, dining plan and more!

  3. Mark all bags, boxes, and suitcases with your last name, and residence hall name and room number (i.e., “Smith Oxford 120”). 

  4. The map below this message details your assigned route to campus (A, B, or C). It is imperative that you follow the correct route as we close and redirect many campus roads, thus making rerouting misdirected traffic difficult. The detailed routes are only in effect for Friday, August 25, 2023 between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Students arriving on different days or outside of this time frame can simply drive directly to their assigned building and check in at the front desk.

  5. If you are bringing more than one vehicle to campus during Maine Hello, please make sure that the driver in the first vehicle has the information in this packet. Please let traffic personnel know that you have more than one vehicle so they can be kept together.

  6. As you approach your assigned building, you may be redirected into a nearby staging area to wait for a space at your building to unload. Staff members in these parking lots will verify your housing assignment to ensure that you are in the correct location and may be able to answer questions while you wait. Please be patient – there are a lot of you and we work very hard to get everyone through the line and unpacked as quickly as possible!

  7. Once you arrive at your building we ask that a driver stay with each vehicle at all times. As soon as each vehicle is unloaded, we will ask for the vehicle to move so that we can continue to unload vehicles in an efficient manner. The driver will be directed to park in the CCA or Belgrade lot and walk back to the residence hall.

  8. If you are arriving on your own, or you will not have a family member with you who can stay with the car while you are checking in, please speak with a staff member outside your residence hall. This person will walk you to the front desk and allow you to go to the front of the line in order to expedite your check-in process. 

  9. Checking into your residence hall:

    1. You must have your physical MaineCard or mobile MaineCard set up prior to arrival. Directions for setting up your mobile credentials can be found here. Questions about setting up your card should be directed to the MaineCard office by emailing or by calling 207-581-2273.

    2. As the student, you should go directly to the front desk of your building and get in line to check in. You will need a photo ID in order to check in.

    3. Once you check in with the front desk of your residence hall and receive your check-in materials, you will be able to begin moving your items to your room.

  10. If your family will be arriving on campus without you (you will be on a school trip, at practice, etc.) you will need to work with your trip leader or coach to determine what time you can plan to meet your family. Your family will not be able to check into or access your residence hall room without you present, as it is a liability to allow anyone except the person whose name is on the housing license into the room.

  11. Please note that pets are not allowed in the residence halls. We are also a smoke-free, tobacco-free, and cannabis-free campus. We ask that you please abide by all campus policies while visiting us.

  12. Check out the events that will be happening for move-in  weekend and during the first week of classes.  The full list can be found on the Week of Welcome website.  

As you and your family and friends make your way to Orono, please drive safely. Remember to wear your seatbelts, take breaks to avoid fatigue, and be sure to abide by speed limits, especially in work zones. The latest data show the number of highway deaths in 2022 was the greatest in more than a decade even though cars and trucks drove fewer miles during the pandemic. Take good care getting here!

If you have any questions or concerns leading up to Maine Hello, please feel free to call Residence Life at 207.581.4801 or email us at We know this can be both an exciting and stressful time for students and family members and are happy to help pave the way in any way that we can!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Maine Hello Committee

Volunteer Information
Maine Hello is a time where we move all of the new students into the residence halls, and we can’t do it without help! We will need volunteers to direct traffic, talk to students, and help keep the process moving! 
To sign up to volunteer for Maine Hello, please click here.