Making your campus living experience a great one!

Residence Life oversees the day-to-day staffing and operations within the residence halls here at UMaine.  Our staff  works with other faculty and staff from across the university campus to build safe, inclusive and welcoming communities for all of our residential students.

Some important things to note about our residential living experience are as follows:

  • We require all first-year students to live on-campus for their full first year at UMaine
  • We offer seven residence halls dedicated to housing our newest students
  • We offer unique themed housing communities, which provide first-year students with instant connections to their hallmates
  • We have a First Year and Transfer Center dedicated to supporting first-year students in their academic success, and as they navigate the university campus
  • We offer residence halls dedicated to housing upper-class students
  • We assist upper-class students who are still working to find the right major/minor/career path
  • We continue to connect upper-class students to valuable campus resources
For more specific information about our residence halls, programs and staff, please check out the rest of our website.