Living on campus is more than being close to friends, class, and activities. In addition to the many social benefits of campus living, many amenities are included in your room and board. An off-campus apartment requires internet, electricity, endless laundry battles and more! Some of the conveniences of living at the University of Maine include:

  • Secured access with MaineCardLaundryView status view residence hall laundry room amenities infographic
  • Stream2 streaming service with multiple on-demand channels
  • High-speed internet
  • In-residence laundry with Laundryview
    • Residents are provided with $35 per semester in laundry funds for the 2022–23 academic year
    • When Laundry Funds are depleted, students may load Black Bear Bucks onto their MaineCard, as the system reverts to Black Bear Bucks once their Laundry Funds are gone.
    • See what machines are available from anywhere on campus, and how much longer they have left in cycle
    • Program machines to text your phone when the current laundry cycle is complete
  • In-residence mailboxes
  • A full-service postal center on campus
  • Live-in staff
  • Multiple lounges in each building
  • Free transportation in the greater Bangor area