Transfer Student Information

Congratulations on your transfer acceptance to the University of Maine!

We hope you will consider campus living. Living on campus maximizes opportunities for social, cultural, and extracurricular involvement and is positively linked to students’ persistence toward attaining a degree, and can help transfer students become acclimated to the area much more quickly.

The University does not require transfer students to live on campus.

two female roomates living in the umaine dorm

Housing Fast Facts

  • Apply for housing as soon as possible.
  • You may apply for housing even if you have not confirmed admission to UMaine
  • Select a meal plan
  • Housing assignments are made based on availability and the application date once admission is confirmed
  • Break/Continuous housing is available for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 academic year. 

Hall Preferences

The Transfer Living Community in York Hall is available to incoming transfer students. Space is limited in the TLC. First-year transfer students may be assigned to first-year housing.

Roommate & Themed Living Requests

You may request a roommate on your housing application. All roommate requests must be mutual. If you find a roommate after submitting your housing application, please email us with the name of your requested roommate.

Requests for Themed Housing will be assigned based on space availability. Transfer students are eligible for housing in the Prism+, Mosaic, Outdoor Adventure, and Substance-Free Housing communities. Please contact us if you wish to be assigned to one of these communities. 


For information about moving in, please visit the Move-In/Move-Out page.

Property Insurance

Students are strongly encouraged to have property insurance for their personal belongings. Comprehensive, affordable property insurance is available through CSI College Student Insurance.

For more information, check out our list of what to bring to campus.
Questions? Go to our FAQ pageResidence Life, or contact Housing Services.

Ready to live on campus at UMaine?