Laundry Information

Having access to laundry is one less worry for students when they live in one of our residence halls. Students can simply do their own laundry at their convenience right in their own building.

New for 2023-2024!

In the academic year 2023-2024, we are offering free laundry to all residents. Students will no longer have to worry about running out of their $35 allotment and adding more money to their MaineCards.

Automatic Connect’s LaundryConnectâ„¢ Live Laundry Room Monitoring allows you to go online, find your hall to view what is running, what’s available and check statuses. Access it at

In addition, if there is an issue with the laundry machines in your hall, send a message to the company using the online portal. 
Laundry is free for campus residents and can be found typically in the basement of every hall. 

student doing laundry in residence hall facility
Automatic Laundry’s online laundry room monitoring homepage