Robert Milardo

Robert MilardoProfessor Emeritus of Family Relations

Bio: Dr. Robert Milardo is Professor Emeritus of Family Relations at the University of Maine, his academic home for more than 30 years. He has published extensively in leading journals and books, and served as the founding editor of the Journal of Family Theory & Review owned by the National Council on Family Relations. He was elected fellow of NCFR in 2005. Bob is active in the developing science of personal relationships and elected as the first president of the International Association for Relationship Research. He served as a visiting Hofstede Research Fellow at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute in The Hague and as visiting research professor in the School of Psychology at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He is the author of The Forgotten Kin: Aunts and Uncles (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and Crafting Scholarship in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (Routledge, 2015). His commentaries on family issues have appeared in Psychology Today, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today and a variety of local and regional media.

Pennsylvania State University, 1982, Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies
Connecticut College, 1977, M.A. in Social Psychology
Southern Connecticut State University, 1972, B.A. in Psychology

Sample publications

Journal articles and Book Chapters

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