Emily Markides

Lecturer in Peace and Reconciliation Studies

Bio: Dr. Emily Markides is committed to issues of personal, social and global change, spirituality, peace and ecological sustainability.The ideals that have inspired her work over the years, in terms of both theory and praxis, have been in two areas mostly: ecology and peace or what she has named EcoPeace. She has pursued those ideals in her divided island Cyprus by launching along with her daughter Vasia Markides the ecocity project -see www.ecocityproject.com where you can also find her latest co-edited book. She served as the first Interim Director of the Peace and Reconciliation Program from 1988-91 and then became the co-founder and president of ESTIA, the International EcoPeace Community in Maine, which served as an educational NGO cultivating EcoPeace: Permaculture, Ecovillages and Ecocities, and Ecological Design in Cyprus and Maine.

Courses taught at UMaine

  • PAX 370 Building Sustainable Communities
  • PAX 380 Eco-villages and Eco-cities: Models of Global Transformation