Catharine Biddle

Cat BiddleAssistant Professor of Educational Leadership

333 Merrill Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-574

Bio: Catharine Biddle’s scholarship and teaching are driven by her dual interest in both education and rural sociology, as well as her professional background in community development through education. Her research focuses on the interconnected well-being of rural schools and rural communities within the context of neoliberal economic and education reforms and global capitalism. She is particularly interested in how schools can more effectively leverage community partnerships to address issues of social inequality and how youth may serve as partners in or lead these efforts. Her professional experience includes five years as a research assistant with the Center on Rural Education and Communities at the Pennsylvania State University and two years as the managing editor of the Journal of Research in Rural Education. Prior to becoming a researcher, Catharine served as a middle and high school educator in both South Boston and Western India, as well as serving as the Executive Director of the Nanubhai Education Foundation, an international nonprofit focused on empowering rural educators to work for instructional change within their schools. Catharine holds degrees from The Pennsylvania State University, Lesley University and Brown University.

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Courses taught at UMaine

  • EAD560: Functions and Theories of Educational Leadership
  • EAD563: Individual Leadership: Problems, Paradoxes and Possibilities
  • EAD565: Inquiry and Evaluation in Schools
  • EHD590: Rural School and Community Leadership
  • EHD657: Doctoral Practicum in Research Methods

Sample publications

  • Biddle, C. & Schafft, K.A. (2015). Axiology and anomaly: Pragmatism, valuation and the “transformative paradigm”. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 9(4), 320-334.
  • Biddle, C. & Mitra, D. (2015). Implementing middle school youth-adult partnerships: A study of two programs focused on social change. Middle Grades Review, 1(2), 1-18.
  • Schafft, K. & Biddle, C. (2015). Opportunity, ambivalence and the purpose of schooling in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region. Human Organization, 74(1), 74-85.
  • Schafft, K. & Biddle, C. (2014). The school and community impacts of hydraulic fracturing within Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region and dilemmas for educational leadership. Peabody Journal of Education, 89(5), 670-682.
  • Schafft, K.A. & Biddle, C. (2013). Place and purpose in public education: School mission statements and educational (dis)embeddedness. American Journal of Education, 120(5), 55-76.

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