Degree Programs

Word cloud of degree program namesThe University of Maine offers more than 100 degree programs through which students can earn Graduate Certificates, Master’s, Doctoral, and Professional Science Master’s degrees as well as Certificates of Advanced Study. Take a look at the comprehensive list of programs along with supplemental application information such as deadlines, testing requirements and much more.

Double Up Programs

2 Degrees, 5 Years — Double Up ProgramUMaine’s Double Up programs allow talented undergraduate students to enroll in a combined curricula that integrates graduate course work into their senior year, reducing the number of courses needed to complete both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs and providing a tuition savings for the graduate courses taken while the student is an undergraduate.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The University of Maine offers several innovative interdisciplinary degree and certificate programs that prepare students for rewarding 21st century careers, including those offered under the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering (GSBSE), a unique world-class graduate program.