The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Mathematics. The typical student chooses to focus their advanced study in one of three broad areas: applied mathematics, pure mathematics, or statistics.

At the time of admission, students will be assigned a preliminary advisor to assist them in developing a course of study consistent with their specific goals, until they can formally establish their own advisory committee before the end of the first year

Base Requirements: Students must complete a program of study, consisting of at least 30 credit hours which must be approved by their advisory committee.  

At least 15 of these credits must be 500/600-level MAT/STS courses (exclusive of thesis and seminar credits). Additionally, there are two subject requirements and a depth requirement:

  1. (Depth) All students must take at least one two-semester sequence (STS 531/532, MAT 523/524, MAT 527/528, MAT 563/564, or MAT 577/578).
  2. (Linear Algebra) All students must take one or more of: MAT 562 Linear Algebra, MAT 564 Abstract Algebra II, or a course in Linear Statistical Models.
  3. (Real Analysis) All students must take MAT 523 Functions of a Real Variable I.

Choice of option:

  1. Thesis Option: Students choosing to write a thesis under the supervision of a member of the Graduate Faculty need to take a total of 5 credits of MAT 699 (Graduate Thesis), in addition to a 1-credit course on responsible conduct of research (such as INT 601). Upon completion of the thesis, the student must present an oral defense.
  2. Non-thesis Option: At least 24 credit hours must be at the graduate level, and at least 18 of these must be MAT/STS courses. Two written qualifying examinations must be passed prior to graduation, chosen from analysis, algebra, and statistics.

Seminar Requirement: All graduate students must successfully give at least two seminars. It is suggested that one seminar be given in each of the fall and spring semesters of the second year.

“Four plus” BA/MA Program: The Department offers the opportunity for ambitious mathematics majors to begin taking graduate courses during their senior year, with the possibility of double-counting these credits toward the BA and the MA.  Students must apply for the program by February 1 of their junior year.

Degrees offered: MA

Program Format: On Campus

Application deadline: January 15 recommended, then rolling if space is available (Fall only)

Test Required: None

Contact: Jack Buttcane

Contact Email:

Program Website: Mathematics

Accelerated Program Information for UMaine Undergraduates

Major Pathways: Mathematics Majors

Accelerated Program Deadline:

February 1st of junior year (completed 60-100 credits)