Graduate Program Overview


We offer a 2-year graduate program leading to a Master of Arts in Mathematics. We have 21 graduate faculty, and MA students have the opportunity to work individually with an advisor on a research project.  Such collaboration often culminates in the publication of one or more research papers.  (You can take a look at past MA theses and view the recent student-authored publications on our Recent Graduates page.) This early exposure to research is what sets our MA program apart.

Because of the small size of the program, with 10-12 students, we offer small classes, with each student receiving plenty of individual attention. We specialize in preparing students for PhD programs, but many of our graduates also pursue employment in teaching or industry.

Financial Support

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available. These provide a full tuition waiver and a living stipend.  In order to qualify for an assistantship, international students must have a TOEFL score of at least 91 (internet-based). Teaching assistants are expected to spend approximately 17 hours per week on assigned duties, which usually consist of grading, leading undergraduate recitations, and staffing the Math Lab, an open tutorial center.

Admission to the Program

In addition to satisfactory performance of the applicant as an undergraduate, as evidenced by transcripts, letters of recommendation, and G.R.E. scores, the Department requires one semester of real analysis (equivalent to MAT 425) and one semester of abstract algebra (equivalent to MAT 463). Occasionally, students can be admitted with a deficiency in one of these areas if the deficiency is made up in the first year of graduate study. The minimum TOEFL score for admission for non-native English speakers is 80 (internet-based). The due date for applications is typically mid January. Click here to apply.