Graduate Courses

Graduate credit will not be given for any course below the 400 level. At most 6 credits may be taken at the undergraduate level with permission of the advisory committee and the graduate coordinator. Normally, only a grade of A or B is acceptable for course work. A grade of C may carry graduate degree credit if a student’s advisory committee so recommends and if the Graduate School approves such an exception. No student, however, will be allowed to accumulate more than six hours of C grades in a Master’s degree program, nor more than 12 hours of C grades in a Ph.D. or Ed.D. program.

Catalog listing of all graduate MAT/STS courses with descriptions

Graduate MAT/STS Courses

MAT 500 — Topics in Graduate Mathematics
MAT 505 — Seminar in Mathematics Education
MAT 523 — Functions of a Real Variable I (Fall even years)
MAT 524 — Functions of a Real Variable II (Spring odd years)
MAT 527 — Functions of a Complex Variable I (Fall odd years)
MAT 528 — Functions of a Complex Variable II (Spring even years)
STS 531 — Mathematical Statistics I (Fall odd years)
STS 532 — Mathematical Statistics II (Spring even years)
STS 533 — Stochastic Systems (Spring odd years)
MAT 562 — Advanced Linear Algebra (Spring odd years)
MAT 563 — Abstract Algebra I (Fall odd years)
MAT 564 — Abstract Algebra II (Spring even years)
MAT 577 — Topology I (Fall even years)
MAT 578 — Topology II (Spring odd years)
MAT 586 — Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
MAT 587 — Methods of Numerical Analysis
MAT 590 — Graduate Research Seminar
MAT 699 — Graduate Thesis / Research

Catalog listing of all undergraduate Math courses and undergraduate Statistics courses with descriptions.

Undergraduate MAT/STS Courses
Note: Permission of the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the student’s advisory committee is required for any 400-level course to count toward the Mathematics MA.

MAT 426 — Introduction to Real Analysis II
STS 434 — Introduction to Statistics
STS 435 — Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
STS 436 — Nonparametric Statistics
STS 437 — Statistical Methods in Research
MAT 451 — Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
MAT 452 — Complex Analysis
MAT 453 — Partial Differential Equations I
MAT 454 — Partial Differential Equations II
MAT 456 — Network Optimization
MAT 457 — Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MAT 458 — Seminar in Mathematical Modeling
MAT 459 — Methods of Applied Mathematics I
MAT 464 — Introduction to Abstract Algebra II
MAT 465 — Theory of Numbers
MAT 471 — Differential Geometry
MAT 475 — Higher Geometry
MAT 481 — Discrete Mathematics
MAT 487 — Numerical Analysis

Courses in other departments that may be of interest
Note: Permission of the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the student’s advisory committee is required for any course outside the department to count toward the Mathematics MA.

COS 515 — Topics in Scientific Computation: Simulation and Modeling

ECE 515 — Random variables and stochastic processes
ECE 581 — Estimation and Detection Theory

ECO 581 — Agent based modeling

PHY 476 — Mathematical methods in Physics
PHY 454 & 455 — Electricity and Magnetism
PHY 462 — Thermodynamics
PHY 463 — Statistical Mechanics
PHY 469 — Quantum mechanics
PHY 501 — Mechanics
PHY 574 & 575 — Methods of Theoretical Physics

MEE 549/CIE 549 — Mathematical Methods in Engineering.
MEE 560 — Computational Methods in Fluid Dynamics
MEE 646 — Advanced Finite Elements in Solid Mechanics

SVT 541 — Geodesy