Graduate Courses

Graduate credit will not be given for any course below the 400 level. At most 6 credits may be taken at the undergraduate level with permission of the advisory committee and the graduate coordinator. Normally, only a grade of A or B is acceptable for degree credit. A grade of C may carry graduate degree credit if a student’s advisory committee so recommends and if the Graduate School approves such an exception. No student, however, will be allowed to accumulate more than six hours of C grades in a Master’s degree program, nor more than 12 hours of C grades in a Ph.D. or Ed.D. program.

Instructions for how to enroll in classes

Catalog listing of all graduate MAT/STS courses with descriptions

Graduate MAT/STS Courses

MAT 500 — Topics in Graduate Mathematics
MAT 505 — Seminar in Mathematics Education
MAT 523 — Real Analysis I (Fall even years)
MAT 524 — Real Analysis II (Spring odd years)
MAT 527 — Functions of a Complex Variable I (Fall odd years)
MAT 528 — Functions of a Complex Variable II (Spring even years)
MAT 500 — Linear Statistical Models (Fall even years)
STS 531 — Mathematical Statistics I (Fall odd years)
STS 532 — Mathematical Statistics II (Spring even years)
STS 533 — Stochastic Systems (Spring odd years)
MAT 562 — Advanced Linear Algebra (Spring odd years)
MAT 563 — Abstract Algebra I (Fall odd years)
MAT 564 — Abstract Algebra II (Spring even years)
MAT 577 — Topology I (Fall even years)
MAT 578 — Topology II (Spring odd years)
MAT 586 — Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
MAT 587 — Methods of Numerical Analysis
MAT 590 — Graduate Research Seminar
MAT 699 — Graduate Thesis / Research

Catalog listing of all undergraduate Math courses and undergraduate Statistics courses with descriptions.

Undergraduate MAT/STS Courses
Note: Permission of the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the student’s advisory committee is required for any 400-level course to count toward the Mathematics MA.

MAT 426 — Introduction to Real Analysis II
STS 434 — Introduction to Probability
STS 435 — Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
STS 436 — Nonparametric Statistics
STS 437 — Statistical Methods in Research
MAT 451 — Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
MAT 452 — Complex Analysis
MAT 453 — Partial Differential Equations I
MAT 454 — Partial Differential Equations II
MAT 456 — Network Optimization
MAT 457 — Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MAT 458 — Seminar in Mathematical Modeling
MAT 459 — Methods of Applied Mathematics I
MAT 464 — Introduction to Abstract Algebra II
MAT 465 — Theory of Numbers
MAT 471 — Differential Geometry
MAT 475 — Higher Geometry
MAT 481 — Discrete Mathematics
MAT 487 — Numerical Analysis

Courses in other departments may occasionally be granted degree credit toward the Mathematics MA, but there must be significant mathematical emphasis or particular relevance to the thesis project.  This is allowed only with approval of the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the student’s advisory committee.