The University of Maine Department of Mathematics & Statistics provides outstanding educational opportunities in the mathematical sciences. Students in our undergraduate programs engage in coursework that provides a strong foundation in mathematics and/or statistics. In our MA program, students learn more advanced material, and receive invaluable research and teaching experience in preparation for careers in academia or industry. As a service department, we offer many required courses for majors across campus, and maintain the MATH LAB where students can get support. Incoming students can visit our Course Preparation page to review background material for their upcoming math classes.  Our dedicated faculty are not just providing quality instruction, but are also engaged in nationally recognized research in statistics, pure and applied mathematics, and mathematics education. We hope you will explore our website to learn more about our department and our programs. For more information, please contact us.

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Tyrone Crisp’s research interests lie at the interface between group representations and operator algebra theory. He studies representations of groups—particularly, real, p-adic and finite reductive groups—using techniques from functional analysis, algebra, and (sometimes, noncommutative) geometry.

Tyrone Crisp