Faculty by Research Area



David Bradley, Associate Professor. Special functions, difference differential equations, multiple zeta values.
S. J. Farlow, Professor Emeritus. Optimal control theory.
Sergey Lvin, Lecturer. Partial differential equations.

Applied Mathematics

Thomas Bellsky, Assistant Professor.  Applied analysis, climate modeling.
David Hiebeler, Associate Professor. Mathematical ecology and epidemiology.
Andre Khalil, Associate Professor. Medical image analysis, wavelets, fractals.

Dynamical Systems

Robert Franzosa, Professor. Applied Topology, dynamical systems.
Robert Niemeyer, Visiting Assistant Professor. Dynamical systems.
Thomas Bellsky, Assistant Professor. Dynamical systems, Data Assimilation, climate modeling.

History of Mathematics

Eisso Atzema, Lecturer.  History of mathematics, classical geometry.

Mathematics Education

Franziska Peterson, Visiting Assistant Professor.
Natasha Speer, Associate Professor. Collegiate mathematics education.

Number Theory

David Bradley, Associate Professor. Special functions, multiple zeta values.
Andrew Knightly, Associate Professor. Number theory.
Nigel Pitt, Professor. Analytic number theory, automorphic forms.
Yannan Qiu, Visiting Assistant Professor. Number theory.
Chip Snyder, Professor Emeritus. Number theory.
Benjamin Weiss, Assistant Professor. Probabilistic number theory.
Fan Zhou, Visiting Assistant Professor. Number theory.


Pushpa Gupta, Professor.  Statistics/Biostatistics, Reliability Theory.
Ramesh Gupta, Professor. Statistics/Biostatistics, Reliability Theory.
Randy Lai, Assistant Professor. Generalized Fiducial Inference; Machine Learning.


Robert Franzosa, Professor. Applied topology, dynamical systems.