1. Review our academic programs & communicate with your program

Take a look at what graduate studies the University of Maine has to offer! Contact your intended program or review their website for admission requirements, deadlines, and additional supporting materials.

2. Read the Application Instructions

Before you submit your application, read the Application Instructions.

3. Apply to UMaine

**We are currently experiencing a technical issue with accepting payments through the online application. Please use the ‘Make a Payment’ link at left to submit the application fee. We will reach out individually to confirm the payment was received for applicants to submit the application.**

A complete degree application should include the following:

4. Check the status of your application

Log into your application dashboard to track missing supplemental materials and view your decision letter.

5. Secure Funding

  • Complete your FAFSA if you are applying for federal financial aid
  • Contact your intended program for possible assistantships
  • Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss possible funding options