The Department of Chemistry offers programs of study and research leading to MS and PhD degrees. Candidates for advanced degrees in the Department of Chemistry normally are expected to have completed the minimum undergraduate program established by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training.
The graduate program in chemistry may include any chemistry courses numbered above 500, along with certain courses numbered between 400 and 500 if approved by the student’s advisory committee, or in the first semester of study, by the graduate executive committee of the department. Graduate courses in chemistry include advanced analytical techniques, synthesis, and reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry, molecular modeling and computer simulation methods, physical inorganic and inorganic reaction mechanisms, organometallics, quantum mechanics, molecular spectroscopy, and statistical thermodynamics, and sustainable materials chemistry.
Special topics courses and seminar courses are also offered. Suitable courses in other departments such as Biochemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, or Physics may also be included in a student’s program of study.
Thesis-based research is an integral part of the student’s training. Research normally comprises about one-half of the 30 semester hours required in a master’s degree program and about two-thirds of the work in a doctoral program.
GREs are required of applicants but will be waived on a case-by-case basis based on the strength of the student’s academic record and research background.


Each student must complete sufficient research to be able to write a thesis (MS) or dissertation (PhD) of publishable quality.
The dissertation particularly should give evidence of an exhaustive study of a specialized field, and should be an authoritative statement of knowledge on the subject, as well as an original contribution to modern chemistry. All students must select a research advisor and advisory committee by the end of the first semester of graduate study, and thereafter meet with the committee at least once each year.

Degrees offered: PhD, MS

Program Format: On Campus

Application deadline: Rolling

Test Required: GRE

Contact: William Gramlich

Contact Email:

Program Website: Chemistry