Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia

The MFA in Intermedia is an interdisciplinary creative studio-centered program committed to hybrid creative research, experimental technological production, as well as development and production in hybrid forms of art such as:
  • Time-based media, digital and video art, installation, performance art, artists’ books and multiples, community-based social art practices, conceptual art, net art, and other new forms.
    • These new forms are, however, not without grounding in, or connections to, traditional art forms in music, writing, performance studies, media studies, and the visual arts.
  • The MFA focuses on the intersection of new technologies and creative production.
  • The name of the program Intermedia reflects our aim and intent-that is to work with, and study creative processes which fall conceptually and physically between known/used media, as well as between traditional disciplines such as:
    • Photography and computer science
    • Biology and sculpture
    • Music and sociology

Program Requirements

The three-year MFA degree in Intermedia at the University of Maine provides graduate students with the opportunity to engage in innovative, creative and theoretical work in a flexible program that encourages individual development within an interdisciplinary context.
  • The 60 credit curriculum is designed for 18 credits per year with 6 credits in summer of the third year for Thesis Exhibition preparation and presentation,
  • The degree may also be completed on a part-time basis over a longer time period

Master of Arts in Intermedia

The Intermedia MA program is a 2 year, 33 credit, master’s level interdisciplinary and creative focused degree program within the Intermedia Programs. It is designed for graduate students interested in pursuing advanced, interdisciplinary creative work and research studies in areas of inquiry pertaining to arts praxis, fine arts, media arts and technologies, creative studies and applied arts. As in the MFA, the aim of this work in the MA is to learn by doing and making, emphasizing hands-on projects with a practical concern for outcomes and engagements.

The overarching goal of the MA in Intermedia program is to re-envision creative teaching/ learning/ research models with an aim to resituate creative practice within larger knowledge-making practices and expand its impact and range. To do this the program is designed to support the creation of a diverse collaborative ecology of experimental research and pedagogy.

Degrees offered: MA, MFA

Program Format: Blended

Application deadline: February 15 recommended, rolling until full (Fall Only)

Test Required: None

Contact: Susan Smith

Contact Email:

Program Website: Intermedia

Accelerated Program Information for UMaine Undergraduates

Major Pathways: Any Undergraduate Degree

Accelerated Program Deadline:

During the undergraduate junior year.