The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers Physics degrees in Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

Master of Science: 
The program of graduate study for the master’s degree, which normally requires two years, is developed around an original investigation, the results of which are presented as a thesis.
  • Of the minimum of 30 semester hours required for the Master of Science degree, 24 are devoted to courses in physics and such allied fields as other sciences, mathematics, and engineering.
  • However, the following courses or their equivalents, which are offered every year, must be included: PHY 501 Mechanics; PHY 502 Electrodynamics I, and PHY 503 Quantum Mechanics I.
 Doctor of Philosophy:
Typically a total of 5 years are typically needed to complete the Ph.D. degree for a student who enters the program with a bachelor’s degree. A thesis presenting the results of an original investigation in a specialized area of physics is an essential feature of the program.
  • Requirements also include passing the Graduate Written Exam by the end of your fifth semester and Oral Comprehensive Examination by the end of your seventh semester, students entering with a master’s degree must pass the Oral exam by the end of their fourth semester.
  • The program of study for each student in the Ph.D. program includes a minimum of 30 course hours.
  • The following courses, or their equivalents, are required of all students:
    • PHY 501 Mechanics
    • PHY 502 Electrodynamics I
    • PHY 574 Methods of Theoretical Physics
    • PHY 503 Quantum Mechanics I
    • PHY 603 Quantum Mechanics II
    • PHY 512 Statistical Mechanics
    • PHY 510 Graduate Laboratory
    • PHY 624 Solid State 1

The Physics Department is not accepting applications for 2024 at this time. They will begin accepting applications for Fall 2025 in late 2024.

Degrees offered: PhD, MS

Program Format: On Campus

Application deadline: January 15, then rolling if space is available - Not accepting applications at this time

Test Required: None

Contact: Jim McClymer

Contact Email:

Program Website: Physics