Food Science and Human Nutrition

The M.S. degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition may be earned for a program of study comprising at least 30 hours of work (including credit for the thesis work) in the areas of human nutrition and food science.  Our Human Nutrition faculty conduct research in the areas of nutrition education and behavioral interventions, community nutrition, human nutrient requirements over the lifespan, the effects of micronutrients, trace minerals and lipids on human health and other nutritional issues. Food science faculty conduct research the areas of food safety and quality, food chemistry, food microbiology and food processing, and the development of healthy foods and novel value-added food products.  Students may opt to focus their coursework in food science, human nutrition, or a combination of the disciplines. Thesis and non-thesis options are available, in addition to an online non-thesis option with the Human Nutrition and Food Technology concentration.  The Dietetic Internship (website) may be pursued in combination with either on-campus thesis or non-thesis options.

We accept applications throughout the year, however, if you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship, please submit your application and all accompanying materials by January 31. Students most competitive for acceptance and assistantship funding have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0; combined (verbal and quantitative) GRE score of at least 300; analytical writing score of at least 4; and TOEFL score of at least 88. Prior to applying, please directly contact Food Science and Human Nutrition faculty whose interests are similar to yours to discuss possible research and coursework. Degree Program Requirements.

Degrees offered: MS

Program Format: On Campus or Online

Application deadline: Priority January 31 for on-campus, rolling if space is available / Online: Rolling

Test Required: GRE

Contact: Dorothy Klimis-Zacas (on-campus) / Mona Therrien (online)

Contact Email: /

Program Website: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Accelerated Program Information for UMaine Undergraduates

Major Pathways: Food Science Majors

Accelerated Program Deadline:

End of sophomore year or beginning of junior year