The School of Economics provides an MA and an MS in Economics. Students in the MA in Economics (non-thesis) program acquire strong analytical, quantitative, and communication skills, which prepares them for doctoral study in economics and related fields and employment with government agencies, consulting firms, businesses, and non-profits. The M.A. in Economics especially prepares students for positions requiring advanced analytical skills, knowledge of economic systems and methods, and experience conducting economic analyses of policy issues.

The MS in Economics (thesis or non-thesis) program provides advanced technical and quantitative training, preparing graduates for careers in any field as well as PhD programs in Economics. Students enrolled in this program combine core training in microeconomic theory and quantitative methods with economics courses covering a wide range of topics.

Acceptance into the School of Economics graduate programs is competitive. An undergraduate degree in economics or a related field is desirable but is not essential for admission to this program. The School of Economics is much more concerned with the applicant’s capacity for graduate study, quantitative reasoning, and the quality of previous work. The successful applicant has a strong academic record, high scores on the GRE, and outstanding recommendations. Graduate degrees in the School of Economics require some training in economics and quantitative methods; students are required to complete the following prerequisites before entering the graduate program.

  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (equivalent to ECO 420)
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (equivalent to ECO 421)
  • Statistics (equivalent to MAT 215 or 232)
  • Calculus (equivalent to MAT 115, 126, or 151)
  • Econometrics (equivalent to ECO 485) is strongly recommended

Degrees offered: MA, MS

Program Format: On Campus

Application deadline: January 15 preferred date for assistantship consideration, rolling if space is available (Fall) / November 15 (Spring)

Test Required: None

Contact: Sharon Klein

Contact Email:

Program Website: Economics

Accelerated Program Information for UMaine Undergraduates

Major Pathways: Economics Majors, Financial Economics Majors

Accelerated Program Deadline:

End of sophomore year or beginning of junior year