Composite Materials and Structures

The University of Maine understands there is a growing demand for engineers and scientists with strong fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing of composite materials and structures. In a collaboration between the College of Engineering and the School of Forest Resources, the Composite Materials and Structures graduate certificate builds that knowledge and skills giving students a competitive advantage in the job market.

Through this 12-credit certificate, students will:

  • Be introduced to modern composites made of different constituent materials
  • Develop skills necessary for analysis, design, fabrication, and testing of modern composite materials and structures
  • Establish the suitability of composite materials and structures for various applications


The courses completed for the graduate certificate may be counted towards a graduate degree per the guidelines of the respective graduate degree program.

Graduate students must complete 12 credits with a minimum grade of C in no more than one course. At least three courses (9 credits) must be at 500 or 600 level.

Core Courses
The following courses are required (6 credits):

  • MEE 441/541: Manufacturing and Testing of Composites (3 credits)
  • MEE 450: Mechanics of Composite Materials (3 credits) OR CIE 543: Introduction to Composite Materials in Civil Engineering (3 credits)

Select two of the following courses (6 credits):

  • MEE 550: Mechanics of Laminated Composite Structures (3 credits)
  • CIE 644: Advanced Composite Materials in Civil Engineering (3 credits)
  • SFR 531: Mechanics of Wood and Wood Composites (3 credits)
  • SFR 545: Adhesion and Adhesives Technology (3 credits)
  • SFR 550: Wood-Polymer Hybrid Composites (3 credits)
  • SFR 570: Cellulose Nanomaterials and Their Composites (3 credits)

NOTE: If you are an international student who is interested in pursuing any of our graduate certificate programs, please contact Katy Blackmer BEFORE applying.

Degrees offered: Graduate Certificate

Program Format: On Campus

Application deadline: Rolling

Test Required: None

Contact: Masoud Rais-Rohani (engineering) / Douglas Gardner (forestry)

Contact Email: /

Program Website: