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Photo of Vinzani workin with students

Vinzani makes an impression, at UMM and far beyond

Bernie Vinzani’s love of teaching the art of printmaking began when he delivered a hands-on lesson to his peers in an undergraduate speech class at Indiana State University. He demonstrated how to make a print using a piece of cardboard and a potato. Now, Vinzani is a professor of art and book arts at the […]

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Graphic image for faculty research fund awards

2021 Faculty Research Fund Awards announced

The Faculty Research Fund program aims to support faculty in establishing or maintaining high-quality research programs and other creative achievements. Competitions are held annually and funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School through a review and nomination process by the Faculty Research Fund Committee. Regular Faculty […]

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Image of arctic landscape and sunset

UMaine Arctic initiative announces inaugural Seed Grant awardees

The UMaine Arctic initiative is pleased to announce winners of a new competitive seed grant program, created to facilitate research collaborations across Arctic research disciplines. The purpose of the UMaine Arctic initiative is to bring together people across the UMaine and UMM campuses with an interest in the high latitudes and, additionally, develop and strengthen […]

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Image of corn plants

EPIC students create affordable crop monitoring system for small farms in Maine

A team of students making up the first cohort at the UMaine Experiential Learning Innovation Central (EPIC) engineered a low-cost monitoring system for local farmers. Guided by mentors Peter Schilling, Sean Taylor, and professor Ali Abedi, the multidisciplinary team included junior in civil and environmental engineering Kettie Cormier, first-year mechanical engineering student Camden Sawyer, and […]

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Image of virtual earth game

Bock uses virtual reality to improve mathematics education

Camden Bock is a Ph.D. candidate in the STEM Education program at the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development. Bock looks at how technologies, like virtual reality, can be used to analyze three-dimensional objects and researches how these technologies can be used to help students understand three-dimensional mathematical objects in three-dimensional space. […]

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Image of cells under microscope

Institute of Medicine Internal Seed Grant awardees announced

The Institute of Medicine at the University of Maine coordinates and supports the research and public outreach efforts of some of the state’s leading experts, whose research and scholarly work at UMaine advances rural health care, diagnostic medicine, immune system diseases and disorders, and medical humanities. In March 2021, The Institute of Medicine (IoM) requested […]

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Image of arctic coastline

From grassroots to global: the evolution of the UMaine Arctic initiative

UMaine Arctic began as a movement to connect researchers on campus who were interested in the region. Today, the initiative is one of the most interdisciplinary projects on campus, with membership spanning across 20 different departments and schools. The idea for UMaine Arctic spurred from a program that was launched at the University of New […]

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abstract image of blocks

How Research Data Management benefits everyone through open access

Research Data Management (RDM) is a systematic and planned approach to the entire life cycle of scholarly data: from the collection, creation, and/or observation to documentation, storage, and sharing. All researchers engage in RDM in some capacity, but the better a project’s research data is managed, the better the impact the project will have beyond […]

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right whale photo

EPIC students redesign lobster traps to save right whales

A team of students making up the first cohort at the UMaine Experiential Learning Innovation Central (EPIC) redesigned lobster trapping mechanisms in order to protect right whales. Guided by faculty mentors Jason Bolton, John Belding, and Ali Abedi, the team included Hannah Milne, a first-year chemical engineering student; Alexis Bader and Benjamin Swanson, students both […]

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Image of world flags

UMaine researcher studies conflict and violent extremism around the world

Bill Farrell looks at the dynamics of conflict and violent extremism. He has conducted field research in countries across Central Asia, the Caucasus region, and Africa. He has met with government officials, community leaders, stakeholders, and an array of people who have had family members and friends mobilize to violent extremism. Farrell is an assistant […]

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Landazuri portrait

Landazuri helps translate the first recorded accounts of El Niño

Examining history can reveal some of the same problems faced today, along with how to cope with them. On the northern coast of Peru, a hot spot for El Niño events, Andean indigenous groups adapted for thousands of years through methods like cycling farming to higher ground. Some of these agricultural methods were previously revealed […]

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Image of ARCSIM banner

New research computing initiative combines services across UMaine

Launched in Spring 2019, the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) initiative was created to support the unique research computing needs of faculty and other researchers at the University of Maine. With ARC’s successful track record over the past two years in addressing these needs, and in an effort to create even greater synergy and coordination, ARC […]

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picture of hand with phone

UMSpaceSafe app for documenting research space use to be discontinued

With the recent changes to UMS COVID-19 guidelines, the UMSpaceSafe app is being decommissioned. UMSafeSpace was a tool to document research space use for the purpose of managing and mitigating hazards, including potential COVID-19 exposure. The Office of the Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School requested during the academic year 2020-2021 […]

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Portland at night

UMaine announces new Portland Gateway, names Alice Veazey director

Portland, Maine — A new Portland Gateway for the University of Maine has been established to provide a one-stop connection and point of access to the vast array of innovative research, education and outreach resources, programs and services at the state’s research university in Orono and its facilities statewide. The Portland Gateway offers opportunities for […]

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Sandra De Urioste Stone portrait

UMaine announces new Assistant Vice President for Research

Sandra De Urioste-Stone, associate professor of nature-based tourism in the School of Forest Resources has been named Assistant Vice President for Research at the University of Maine starting June 1st. De Urioste-Stone received her Ph.D. from the University of Idaho. Prior to joining the University of Maine in 2012, she served as department chair, instructor […]

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COVID-19 Research Continuity Update

Effective immediately, all research activity will now require notification versus approval, unless it involves domestic out-of-state and international travel, which is currently prohibited unless an exception is sought and granted.   Researchers are still asked to follow all UMS, State, and CDC guidelines. Currently, these guidelines require approval by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of […]

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Image of people's feet with drawing on floor

First cohort of EPIC completes course, advancing experiential learning, research and innovation

When students from varying disciplines work together to solve real-world problems, they gain research and collaborative skills through the experience. The earlier the foundation can be laid to build these skills, the better-prepared students will be when they enter the workforce. The UMaine Experiential Learning Innovation Central (EPIC) offers exactly this preparation, seamlessly blending learning […]

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Photo of students

UMaine researchers look at tidal energy in the Western Passage through an interdisciplinary lens

A team of students and researchers, led by Kristina Cammen, participated in the development and implementation of interdisciplinary methodologies in environmental science. Their findings, recently published in Oceanography, outline methods to provide undergraduate students with research experience, using an interdisciplinary framework for training, research and communication. The team used a case study focused on the […]

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picture of an iceberg

Schild examines impact of icebergs on ocean circulation, climate, coastal communities

Kristin Schild, a physical glaciologist at the University of Maine, broadly studies interactions between ice and the ocean. Her research has taken her all over the world, including to Greenland and Patagonia, at the southern tip of South America. Schild became interested in glaciology through physics. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology, with physics […]

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COVID-19 Research Continuity Update

April 2, 2021: The following is an update on the University’s Plan for Phased Continuity of the Research Enterprise and also, an update regarding the submission and approval of research and scholarly activity requests for Spring and Summer 2021. We have been in Phase 3 of the Phased Research Continuity Plan since August 1, 2020, and […]

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NSF EPSCoR RII Track-4 Office Hours Announcement

The Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is hosting virtual office hours to share information about the Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-4: EPSCoR Research Fellows solicitation. This opportunity provides awards to build research capacity in institutions and transform the career trajectories of investigators and to further develop their individual research potential through extended collaborative […]

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Portrait of Charitha Perera

Perera discovers potential coating agent for textiles that decomposes sweat

Duwage Charitha Perera is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Chemistry. Her key research interest is to study the catalytic behavior of small metal clusters using density functional theory or DFT. She is originally from Sri Lanka. Most graduate students embark on a single research project, but Perera decided to finish the work she […]

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Image of Sue Ishaq.

Ishaq links gut health to social equity, advocates for policy discussion

Gut microbial communities are found throughout the digestive tract of all humans, animals and insects. As a human host to these living microbes, our diets, lifestyles and environmental factors recruit different microbes into our gut and retain them, or make circumstances hospitable.  The lack of consistent access to fresh and nutrient-dense foods can compound unhealthy […]

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oyster farm in the Damariscotta River image

UMaine aquaculture researcher receives funding for COVID-19 relief project

University of Maine aquaculture researcher Meggan Dwyer, one of 10 winners in October’s Maine Sea Grant’s Buoy Maine competition, received $14,000 for her project titled “Can It, Maine! Adding Value and Resilience to Maine’s Shellfish Seafood Sector.” The Buoy Maine competition was developed to strengthen coastal/marine seafood and tourism-related industries, as well as redefining these […]

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arrows graphic

UMaine Graduate School records all-time high student enrollment

For the first time in its history, the University of Maine graduate student enrollment has exceeded 2400 students following a record-breaking year of admissions. Scott Delcourt, Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies, noted that “spring enrollment is usually about 10% less than the previous fall’s enrollment, so to set an all-time high graduate enrollment in […]

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Area Shot of Maine Coast Line

UMaine MARINE – Enhancing Social, Environmental and Economic Wellbeing

UMaine MARINE, a new initiative launched by the University of Maine to make Maine a global leader as a marine state. Since its formation in Fall 2017, the UMaine Marine Sciences Advisory Council has supported in a coordinated and synergistic manner the growth and development of research and scholarly activity in marine sciences, and has […]

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Light Bulb with Gears and Puzzle Items

New certificate in research, innovation and strategy offers experiential learning opportunities to students

Over the past two years, the Experiential Program Innovation Central (EPIC) committee has developed guiding principles for collaboration among a group of centers and partnered with the Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL) to implement innovative programming across majors. The result has been the creation of the first Certificate in Research Innovation and Strategy (CRIS) with […]

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Maine Port Side

A piece of the puzzle: Lydia Horne’s contribution to Mitchell Center’s community-based climate planning project

Lydia Horne recently graduated from the Ecology and Environmental Sciences program advised by Dr. Sandra De Urioste-Stone. She has since become a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Northern Colorado, but is continuing to collaboratively lead a project with fellow NRT students funded by the Mitchell Center, entitled “Developing a Transdisciplinary Participatory Framework as a […]

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Justin Wolff: Presenting art as a common experience

Justin Wolff is a professor of art history at the University of Maine. He teaches courses on modern, contemporary, and American art as well as art theory and criticism. His research focuses on 19th and 20th-century American art and culture. Wolff’s new book titled “Rufus Porter’s Curious World: Art and Invention in America 1815-1860” was […]

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The word research in all caps font typed on a torn paper and glasses

Search for Assistant VP for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School is currently searching internally for one or two Assistant Vice Presidents for Research. The purpose of these positions is to assist the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School (VPRDGS) in the realization of initiatives, programs, and services […]

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Researchers find possible link between drinking water and mysterious kidney disease

UMaine researchers contributed to a March 2020 article that studies the effects of chemicals found in drinking water – and how the combination of certain chemicals could be the cause of a mysterious, chronic kidney disease impacting millions of people around the world. Assistant Professor of Environmental Physiology, Nishad Jayasundara, and doctoral candidate Remy Babich, […]

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Arrows pointing up

Graduate School Reaches Record-High Enrollment

The University of Maine Graduate School reports its highest enrollment numbers since 2010. In 2020, the total number of graduate students enrolled is 2,276 with a doctoral headcount of 517 – the first time doctoral enrollment has ever exceeded 500, and tops the previous high mark of 463 in 2012. “Graduate students contribute significantly to […]

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Faculty Research Fund AY20-21, RRF Program Announcement

Program announcements for the UMaine Faculty Research Funds (FRF) and the University of Maine System Research Reinvestment Fund (RRF) have been released and can now be viewed in the InfoReady grant review portal. A listing of available programs and associated due dates are listed below. Please review the program announcements located within InfoReady for more […]

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Abedi promoted to Associate Vice President for Research

Dr. Ali Abedi has been promoted from Assistant to Associate Vice President for Research in recognition of his accomplishments in the advancement of research at the University of Maine, and its impact on Maine and beyond. His accomplishments include the continued growth of the Center for Undergraduate Research, development of the UMaine AI webinar series, […]

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Abstract image of a glass building

UMaine Achieves Record Growth Despite COVID-19 Challenges

Recently, it was announced that the University of Maine has set a new record in funding generated in support of research and development activities. Today, the final numbers have been determined, indicating that $125.2 million in R&D funding has been generated in fiscal year 2020. This corresponds to a 120% increase over the past four […]

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graphics that refer to medicine

Institute of Medicine Announcement

Launched in Fall 2018, the UMaine Medicine initiative was intended to support in a coordinated and synergistic manner the growth and development of research and scholarly activity in health and life sciences, and to better position the university with related community outreach and engagement efforts. Through the contribution of many faculty and other participants, and […]

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image of campus building

Research Q&A Session Planned for September 21

All University of Maine members are invited to attend an informational Research Q&A session to be held live via Zoom on September 21. The virtual event will present updates and resources for the research community and an opportunity for Q&A with the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. To submit research-related […]

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Susan Smith named director of MA, MFA programs in intermedia

Dr. Susan L. Smith assumed the duties of director of the MA and MFA programs in intermedia effective September 1, 2020. Susan takes over leadership of the program from Dr. Owen Smith, the founding director of the intermedia program, which began admitting graduate students in 2008. Susan has a long record of involvement with the […]

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Arrows Up graphic

University of Maine Research Funding at All-Time High

The University of Maine sets a new record, by generating $104.2 million in research grants and awards in fiscal year 2020. This is an all-time high level of externally-generated research funding realized by the university. It corresponds to an 80 percent increase in external research funding over the past three years. This extraordinary increase stems […]

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2020 Faculty Research Fund image

2020 Faculty Research Fund Awards Announcement

The Faculty Research Fund program aims to support faculty in establishing or maintaining high quality research programs and other creative achievements. Competitions are held annually and funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School through a review and nomination process by the Faculty Research Fund Committee. The […]

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Welcome graphic

CORE Welcomes Dr. Evanoff as Operations Manager

The Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE) team welcomes Dr. David Evanoff as the new Operations Manager starting August 1. Dr. Evanoff is a native of Western Pennsylvania and earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA in 2001. In 2005, he received a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry in 2005 from Clemson […]

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Update on the Plan for Phased Continuity of the Research Enterprise

July 31, 2020: The following is an update on the University’s Plan for Phased Continuity of the Research Enterprise and also, an update regarding the submission and approval of research and scholarly activity requests. We will be moving to Phase 3 of the plan as of August 1st. Phase 3 involves an increase in on-site […]

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AI graphic

AI Initiative Seed Grant Awards Announced

Earlier this year, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School announced the University of Maine Artificial Intelligence Initiative. Its vision is to make Maine a world-class hub for AI research, education and applications through its mission to develop transformative AI-based solutions that enhance the social and economic well-being […]

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Melissa Maginnis CUGR image block

CUGR welcomes Dr. Melissa Maginnis as Associate Director

Dr. Melissa Maginnis has been appointed as Associate Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) effective July 1st, 2020. “Dr. Maginnis is one of our most active and engaged faculty mentors, with demonstrated high quality research as evidenced by the number of highly competitive awards won by her students”, said Assistant Vice President Abedi, […]

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cover image of the grant report

UMaine Medicine releases 2020 update

The importance of medical research is incredibly significant in the era of COVID-19. Teams of researchers at the University of Maine have contributed to medical knowledge for years and continue to make strides that will have a lasting impact on our community, the nation and the world. The Office of the Vice President for Research […]

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Plan for Phased Continuity of the Research Enterprise

A message from the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School I am writing to share with you the University’s Plan for Phased Continuity of the Research Enterprise, and to provide an update regarding the submission and approval of research and scholarly activity requests. The attached plan, which has been approved by […]

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COVID-19 Research Continuity Town Hall Q&A

Research Town Hall

*This post has been edited to update links to the newly released phased plan and updated messaging from the OVPRDGS. 5-29-20. The COVID-19 Research Continuity Task Force recently held a virtual town hall and received many questions from the UMaine research community. This document highlights as many of the questions and their answers as possible […]

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Research Town Hall live image

Virtual Research Town Hall to be held May 21

A virtual Research Town Hall will be held on Thursday, May 21 to discuss the current status of research and proposed plans for the future. The Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Kody Varahramyan, will host the event and welcomes members of the UMaine and UMM communities to join via Zoom. […]

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May 6: COVID-19 Research Guidelines Update

Dear University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias Colleagues, I am writing to provide you an update in response to Governor Mills’ Stay Safer at Home Executive Order, plan to gradually restart Maine’s economy (PDF), the Chancellor’s extension of the work from home directive through May 31st, and the limiting of in-person events, group gatherings, summer camps, day […]

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IMRC welcomes Drew Hooke as new Operations Manager

Drew Hooke has recently joined the University of Maine community as the Operations Manager at the Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center. A Maine native, Drew has worked in New England Higher Education for fifteen years in roles encompassing administration, change and relationship management, event and classroom technology support, media production, audio engineering and […]

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COVID-19 Research Continuity Update

Dear University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias Colleagues, Referring to my last message, I am writing today to provide you with further information on current status and latest developments. As noted in my last message, the current definition of essential research activity and scholarly activity was developed in response to Governor Mills’ Stay […]

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April 9: COVID-19 Research Guidelines Update

I am writing to let you know about an important change in procedure in response to Governor Mills’ Stay Healthy at Home Mandate. We continue to stress that research and scholarly activity should be conducted away from university facilities and field sites, or delayed if necessary. Given the Governor’s mandate and the emphasis to be far more […]

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Tora Johnson

Mapping out a more flood resilient future

University of Maine at Machias researcher finds solutions for community challenges. Tora Johnson, associate professor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the University of Maine at Machias, conducts research and teaches in the small town of Machias. She also chairs the Environmental and Biological Sciences Division and directs the GIS Service Center. A social scientist […]

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March 24: COVID-19 Research Impact Update

As indicated in my last communication on March 18th, and as mentioned by President Ferrini-Mundy in her March 20th communication, research labs have moved to ‘remote research’ when possible, with small numbers of staff coming in to conduct essential research activities to sustain the most critical functions. Essential means either that the research activity during this period is critical to the health of the public; is of national […]

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March 18: COVID-19 Research Impact Update

As our university continues to closely monitor the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, it remains open and operational, while transitioning to remote or telecommuting arrangements effective Thursday morning, March 19, 2020. To minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and to safeguard the health and safety of the university community, at this time all are […]

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COVID-19 FAQ for Research and Graduate School

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, in collaboration with other offices at the University of Maine, continues to monitor COVID-19 developments that may impact research and graduate studies. We are available to assist the university community with information and support. As needed, we also are available to […]

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Charlebois combines love of music and research

Caleigh Charlebois combined her love of music and research while studying the diversity of repetitive DNA in mice at The Jackson Laboratory in the summer of 2019. Charlebois, a third-year University of Maine zoology student with a minor in professional writing, examined the genomes of 59 mice. With a focus on diversity, she tested a […]

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CAFS team out in forest

CAFS awarded 5-year, $500,000 NSF grant

For over 10 years and counting, the Center for Advanced Forestry Systems (CAFS), a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, has successfully provided the critical structure and resources needed for nationally relevant scientific collaboration in the various and emerging areas of applied forest science pertinent to the forest industry in the US. CAFS […]

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Advanced Research Computing background (ARC)

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) updates

The University of Maine Advanced Research Computing (ARC), established in May 2019, is dedicated to supporting the high performance computing (HPC) needs of the university research community, and is associated with the Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE). Maisha Asha has joined the ARC team in the role of Project Manager, to support the high performance computing needs of […]

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Dr. Sharmila Mukhopadhyay

Welcome FIRST’s New Director, Dr. Mukhopadhyay

I am delighted to welcome Dr. Sharmila Mukhopadhyay to the University of Maine. She is the new Director of the Frontier Institute for Research in Sensor Technologies (FIRST). She has started in this role on January 1, 2020, after a nationwide search. Dr. Mukhopadhyay’s vision completely aligns with the University vision to grow FIRST into […]

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Students clamming

Elementary students put UMaine clamming research to the test

Gabrielle Hillyer, a Master’s student in oceanography and marine policy, is putting her marine science education into practice by researching water quality issues within the Gulf of Maine in the hopes to improve the solvency of the soft-shell clamming industry. Hillyer studies the impact of bacteria in mudflats on the Medomak River in Waldoboro, Maine […]

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premed program highlight

Premed opportunities in research, outreach for Maine and beyond

Undergraduates in premedical studies have a wide variety of opportunities to connect with others and perform cutting-edge research at the University of Maine. Many majors offer premed concentrations and multiple clubs connect students with the medical industry in Maine and beyond. Katie Tims, from Cornish, chose to attend UMaine because of the large breadth of […]

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World's largest 3D printer

UMaine Composites Center celebrates historic 3D printing event

The Advanced Structures and Composites Center celebrates historic event: Unveiling the world’s largest 3D printer and 3D printed boat “This is a big deal,” said Sen. Angus King at the Oct. 10 unveiling of the world’s largest 3D printer at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center (UMaine Composites Center). Big, indeed. In […]

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First cohort NRT students

New program aims to prepare the next generation of conservation leaders

A unique traineeship program designed to produce interdisciplinary environmental conservation leaders now offers Master’s and Ph.D. degree opportunities to address the challenges presented by global and local changes in environmental, social, economic and climatic conditions. The National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program has awarded the University of Maine “NRT: Enhancing Conservation Science and Practice” […]

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ARI summer interns

ARI interns dive into hands-on learning with aquaculture industry leaders

A collaborative program between the Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) at the University of Maine and aquaculture industry partners supported 13 undergraduate interns in a wide range of hands-on research and work experiences this summer. Aquaculture research covers broad topic areas, such as fish health, product development, impacts of ocean acidification, species husbandry and science communication […]

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Call for Concept Papers

The UMS Grand Challenge Pilot Initiative: Rural Health and Wellbeing  is calling for concept papers! Concept papers must be submitted through InfoReady, no later than end-of-day, November 14, 2019. Please visit this page for more details and instructions: UMS Grand Challenges: Call for Concept Papers

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Christine Beitl on boat in Ecuador

Beitl studies social networks in rural Ecuador

Christine Beitl studied the management system of a fishery in a rural coastal community, Isla Costa Rica, in Ecuador as a doctoral student in 2009-10. A new collaborative, cross-cultural study prompted her return to the small town this summer – 10 years later. The three-year NSF ENDOW (Economic Network Dynamics and the Origins of Wealth) […]

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paint and Stethoscope image

New program combines medicine, arts

Some people consider themselves to be a numbers person, more than a creative type. Others feel drawn to the artistic side of life more than the analytical. Since the 1960s, when Nobel-prize winning research painted a picture of a human brain split straight down the middle – it is believed that humans are either right […]

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IMRC Fab Lab

IMRC announces leadership changes

Dr. Owen Smith has recently stepped down from his role as Director of the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center to concentrate on directing the Intermedia MFA and MA programs and the development of new initiatives, such as the new Maine Medical Arts Graduate Certificate and Master’s degree program. As the Founding Director of […]

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Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio programs on table

Inventors inspired by nature attend conference hosted by UMaine

Velcro, bullet trains, and prosthetic limbs may not seem to have much in common – but they were all designed by humans to artificially mimic nature. Biomimetics is the study of the development and function of human-made synthetics created to mimic models of the natural world. Sticky plant burrs were the inspiration for the invention […]

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Team attends ‘Arctic Futures Workshop’ in Greenland

A multi-disciplinary team of 16 University of Maine System researchers and faculty traveled to southwest Greenland June 21-29 to address 21st century challenges throughout the Arctic, North Atlantic and Maine by experiencing the impacted region first-hand. “Just reading about complex issues is not enough to fully grasp and attempt to develop solutions to the challenges […]

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Professional Opioid Workforce Response

New UMaine program addresses opioid epidemic challenges

Addressing the opioid epidemic in the United States requires expanding access to treatment and work to prevent the more than 130 deaths each day from opioid-related drug overdoses nationwide. Maine’s rate of fatal overdoses due to opioids – the class of drugs that include heroin and morphine as well as fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone – […]

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Asli Sezen-Barrie Engineering K-12 Education

Piecing together engineering puzzle for K-12 educators

Children are born with an innate interest in engineering. As they play, they learn how to stack blocks higher into new shapes or structures, or construct race tracks to give their toy cars enough speed to fly through plastic loops. Children enjoy innovating and problem solving, but how can that interest be fostered in the […]

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ARI celebrates 10 years of aquaculture service to Maine

The advancement of sustainable aquaculture (the farming of aquatic species while allowing continued benefit for the next generation) requires innovative research and multi-disciplinary collaborations for success. The University of Maine’s Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) is celebrating 10 years of service to the State of Maine as a research resource and an objective authority on aquaculture. […]

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Corporate Classroom students pose at the Hannaford headquarters in Scarborough

Students, community, industry benefit from collaborative business opportunities

Six Maine Business School students interned this summer at Hannaford Bros. in Scarborough as part of an innovative program designed to address the needs of the state’s economic community and the needs of scholars. The Corporate Classroom is an internship program supported by the Professional Development Center (PDC), which provides consulting services, professional development education […]

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NIH T32 Grant Awarded for GSBSE

The University of Maine has received a five-year, $1.07 million Institutional Research Training Grant (T32) from the National Institutes of Health. This funding is the first of its kind to be awarded in the state of Maine from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. According to the NIH, the T32 program supports broad and […]

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AMC 3D printer

CAMM Center Opening

On July 25, 2019 the Advanced Manufacturing Center in Orono held a kickoff celebration for the opening of the Center for Additive Manufacturing of Metals (CAMM). Learn more about the center and what it offers in this UMaine News article and accompanying video. Center offering additive metal manufacturing services, training to Maine businesses

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Play button over researcher in cleanroom

Video: Learn about CORE’s Microfabrication Cleanroom at FIRST

Dr. George Bernhardt of the CORE Microfabrication Cleanroom showcases cutting-edge sensor research and technologies being developed by UMaine researchers and students. The CORE Cleanroom provides unique, hands-on training opportunities for students entering careers in STEM fields. FIRST Cleanroom Video Transcript Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE) A tour of UMaine’s CORE Microfabrication Cleanroom FIRST Lab – […]

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TASC Expanded Support Services

Expanded support services now offered by TASC

The former “Shared Resource Pool” has expanded to become “Technical and Administrative Services Central (TASC)” and provides timely, professional business and technical support for the university community. Luke Doucette, general manager of Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE), manages TASC’s technical services personnel, which include a Laboratory Technician and Statistical Consultant for project assistance. They provide […]

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Conversations on Research

Conversations on Research with Chancellor Page and President Ferrini-Mundy

University of Maine System Chancellor James Page and President Joan Ferrini-Mundy discuss how UMaine research and development have evolved during his seven-year tenure. The Chancellor, who will retire June 30, and the President share their perspectives on the impact of research and development on the future of the University of Maine, the state, and beyond. […]

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Dan Sandweiss and Emily Blackwood at the Ostra Collecting Site in Peru.

Sandweiss, team in Peru study possible evidence of ancient human warfare

Nestled on the Peruvian coast, the Ostra Collecting Station (OCS) is part of a complex of archeological sites that provide an amazing glimpse into the lives of the people who lived there approximately 6,000 years ago. OCS is cradled between the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range. Odd shells and fish […]

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Kristina Cammen, PI for the Western Passage IURC project

Western Passage project aims to inform future renewable energy development in Maine

Interdisciplinary multi-institution research collaboration, stakeholder engagement through Western Passage project The Western Passage – located between Eastport, Maine and Canada – is a highly turbulent, biologically active, and socially relevant ecosystem in Eastern Maine considered one of the best locations for tidal power nationwide. Kristina Cammen, assistant professor of marine mammal science, works alongside a […]

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Aaron Joy

Joy’s research focuses on finding solutions to complex mathematical problems

Mathematical tools used to create items such as vacuums, cars and skyscrapers, make the design process streamlined, less expensive and safer. However, with advances in modern science increasingly pushing boundaries, these tools need to be adapted in order to keep up – and avoid potentially costly mistakes. The finite element method is a commonly used […]

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Research Reporting Dashboard, A new resource from UMaine Research Information Management;

New Research Reporting Dashboard now available!

The UMaine Research Information Management team is pleased to announce the launch of the Research Reporting Dashboard – a self-service resource giving the UMaine community access to commonly requested research activity data, including proposal submissions and awards received. Users will sign in to the dashboard using their UMaine single sign-on username and password. They can […]

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Congratulations Amanda Ashe, Director of Research Compliance

New Director of Research Compliance: Amanda Ashe

I am pleased to announce that Amanda Ashe has been named the Director of Research Compliance starting July 1st. In this role she will be overseeing the operational aspects of the Office of Research Compliance. Amanda has worked at the University of Maine for the past 11 years, starting out in the then Office of […]

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FBRI: Transforming wood products into jet fuel

UMaine researchers produce crude oil from wood biomass

“Our facility at the Technology Research Center (TRC) allows us show on industrially relevant scale how we can convert woody biomass into jet fuel.  We are excited that we now do 24 hours per day continuous operations campaigns for 100 hours. UMaine jet fuel and diesel is made from biomass-derived premium synthetic crude oil. At […]

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Maine Impact Week Faculty Mentor Appreciation Awards

Congratulations 2019 Faculty Mentor Awardees

Awardees recognized during the 2019 Faculty Mentor Appreciation luncheon at the Wells Conference Center on May 7. The Maine Impact Week event celebrates faculty mentoring of students in and out of the classroom and lab. View a sample of student messages of appreciation on the Maine Impact Week site. View photos from the event in […]

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Balu Nayack studies seaweed in lab

Eating seaweed is popular, so researchers investigate if it stands up to the hype

Seaweed food products are trending – but do consumers know what they are buying? Search “eating seaweed” on Google and you’ll get pages of headlines promoting health benefits of consuming the ocean-dwelling algae. “Packed full of vitamins!” “Low in fat and full of fiber!” “Seaweed is a superfood!” In its raw state, seaweed does, in […]

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Drifting with the Tides: A New Beginning, project by Gabrielle Hillyer, studying impacts on local clamming

Hillyer studies Medomak river estuary and impacts on clamming community

Graduate Student Spotlight: Gabrielle Hillyer, Diana Davis Spencer Scholar Gabrielle Hillyer is a duel-degree major in oceanography and marine policy. With support from the UMS Research Reinvestment Fund she has focused her research on the Medomak river estuary and its multiple impacts on local clamming. Her innovative research aims to understand the ability of the […]

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Congrats to the 2019 Summer Faculty Research Fund Awardees

Congrats to 2019 Summer Faculty Research Awardees

Four new projects were recently selected for funding by the Faculty Research Funds Committee for the 2019 Summer Faculty Research Awards.  These awards provide summer salary for faculty to advance research and scholarship in an accelerated manner during the summer of 2019. This year’s awardees are: Christine Beitl, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, “The effect […]

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