University of Maine Research Funding at All-Time High

The University of Maine sets a new record, by generating $104.2 million in research grants and awards in fiscal year 2020. This is an all-time high level of externally-generated research funding realized by the university. It corresponds to an 80 percent increase in external research funding over the past three years.

This extraordinary increase stems from the university’s strategic pursuit of growth in research during this period of time, and its talented community of faculty, staff, and students, in conjunction with its centers and institutes and the proper research development and administration resources implemented to achieve and maintain growth in research.

A manifestation of this is the growing number of larger awards that are getting realized by the university community, going from eight awards at or above a million dollars three years ago, to 23 such award in fiscal year 2020, corresponding to a nearly three-fold increase.

“It is particularly remarkable that despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19 during fiscal year 2020, the university research community, through great work and dedication, has been able to achieve such an outstanding accomplishment,” says UMaine Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Kody Varahramyan.

By building on these achievements, the University of Maine is advancing as a modern 21st Century research university of global impact and local relevance, where over 85 percent of all university-based research in Maine takes place, in conjunction with 96 percent of all Ph.D.’s conferred in the state.

As Maine’s research university, research is the distinguishing part of UMaine’s mission, impacting all areas of the university achievements, from student success and cutting edge academic programs, to workforce development and economic advancement.